New Campus. Briefing Feb 18, Preschool | Feb 25, Elementary

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Enrollment Application Information

At our CGK Afterschool, we work on a different theme every three months so students have the opportunity to learn deeply. Therefore, we do not hold make-up lessons, even on public holidays. To keep things fair, the monthly fee will differ depending on the month and day of the week.

For details, check the fee schedule.

* The monthly fees below are for reference only. All prices include tax.

Monthly Fee Days per Week Per Day Monthly Fee (approximate)
5 Days 5,390 JPY 105,644 JPY
4 Days 5,720 JPY 89,690 JPY
3 Days 6,160 JPY 72,442 JPY
2 Days 6,820 JPY 53,469 JPY
Registration Fee 44,000 JPY
Snack Fee Free
Bus Service Fee Free
Extended Care 550 JPY/30 minutes
Other Materials and event fees may be charged separately.
Sibling Discount(*1)
CGK Preschool Graduate Discount(*2)

*1 Sibling Discount

*2 CGK Preschool Graduate Discount

  • Monthly Fee: 5% Discount
  • Those who left CGK Preschool, or didn't attend in April after graduating are not eligible. Those who have withdrawn or been absent from school cannot reapply for a discount.



  • Afterschool Inquiry

    Feel free to contact us, not only regarding applications for briefing sessions or other questions, but also about observations, interviews, community interaction proposals, partnerships, consultancy requests, internships, etc.


  • Afterschool Admission Application

    Application period and availability may change periodically, please feel free to apply first.