Bashamichi Campus
(Age 2 - Age 3)

Kannai Campus
(Age 4 - Grade 12)



Videos of Daily Lessons and Activities

  • Introducing the CGK Preschool Curriculum
    (Preschool 3-5 years old)

    A day at CGK. Please take a look at the high-quality, intensive, global education and childcare curriculum that we achieve through our full-time, fixed, 5-day-a-week schedule (with extended care).

  • Introducing the CGK Afterschool Curriculum (at old campus)
    (Afterschool elementary students / Recorded May 2021)

    At the CGK Afterschool, we hold high-level inquiry activities to further develop critical thinking skills and a spirit of inquiry. Each day of the week, for three months, students study one theme carefully via project work and presentations. These in-depth learning activities in English are solely possible at CGK because only students with intermediate and advanced level English are admitted.

  • Science - Hazards (at old campus)
    (Afterschool 1st grade elementary students / Recorded April 2020)

    First graders in April right after graduating from the CGK Preschool. This was Science Day. We researched disasters from "Hazards". Children share the tablet with friends to present the information they found. They use high level vocabulary to express themselves.

  • Science - Water Cycle (at old campus)
    (Afterschool 1st grade elementary students / Recorded June 2020)

    In the Science lesson, the children used their tablets to learn about the "water cycle" and observed how water evaporates in an experiment using colored water. Watch how the familiar theme of weather is always interesting for the children.

  • Summer School - YouTuber (at old campus)
    (Afterschool 1st grade elementary students / Recorded August 2020)

    This is a scene from CGK Summer School. They tried out YouTubing for the day. Take a look at what the children produced in cooperation with their friends, from video composition to filming and editing.

  • Science - Salt Water Experiment
    (Afterschool 1st grade elementary students / Recorded May 2020)

    This is from an on-line lesson during a break from Afterschool. We learned about the ocean and experimented with seawater and fresh water. There were some difficult words, but the children learn by asking questions. It's an important experience whether it works or not. For editing reasons, we could not include many of the remarks, but the children enjoyed themselves and were actively engaged in the project.

  • Marble Challenge (at old campus)
    (Afterschool 1st grade elementary students / Recorded April 2020)

    In April, right after graduating from CGK Preschool, first graders tried out making marbles. Take a look at this video for an idea of the children's English ability when they graduate from CGK Preschool.

  • Volcano Experiment -Job Training(Scientist)-
    (Preschool 3 years old / Recorded March 2018)

    This experiment was conducted as a part of "Job training" (Scientist). As we were learning about planets, a planet with a volcano appeared, so we decided to make a volcano. The children made a volcano-like mountain with paper, then added baking soda, detergent, and food coloring. When they added vinegar, it started to bubble and foam, looking just like a volcano. The children were very excited to see "lava" coming out of the volcano.

  • English Proficiency of 4-year-old Class
    (Preschool 4 years old / Recorded May 2018)

    4-year-old class, recorded in May. Please watch this to get an idea of the children's English ability.
    Although many of these children have not lived in an English-speaking country, and some enrolled in the school mid-year, they understand what their teachers say in English and can communicate well in English.

  • Planets
    (Preschool 3 years old / Recorded March 2018)

    Instead of memorizing the names of the planets, the children were more interested in and quickly learned about the characteristics of each planet and what makes it different from the earth we live on.