Bashamichi Campus
(Age 2 - Age 3)

Kannai Campus
(Age 4 - Grade 12)


Daily Schedule

Weekly fixed-plans, starting from two days a week

Weekly fixed-plans, starting from two days a week

Monday to Friday / 2:30 to 7:00pm



Arrival and Free Time

During this time, students arrive according to their schedules and either relax in the Afterschool classroom or engage in physical activity in the play area on the 5th floor. In the classroom, students have the opportunity to work on their school homework, play games with their friends, or take part in other activities, all in a fully English speaking environment.


School Bus Pick up

14:45-15:30 - Pick up from various elementary school's "After-School Kids Clubs." Inquire for details of eligible elementary schools.

School Bus Pick up


  • Students can enjoy snacks with their friends.


Reading Time

After finishing snack time, students are free to read English books and discuss them with friends and teachers.


Circle Time

In this transition time, students have the chance to talk about anything on their mind, discuss current affairs, present show and tell, or go over previous content they wish to revisit.


Project / Presentation

  • Project / Presentation
  • Project / Presentation
  • Project / Presentation
  • Project / Presentation

Each day of the week, through project-based learning, students will research a different driving question, with each topic lasting between 10 and 19 weeks. Over the course of the project, students will develop self-expression, critical thinking and a spirit of inquiry that will help them to construct a presentation to share the knowledge they have acquired with their parents and peers. CGK’s philosophy of student led learning is present throughout all projects, with students taking charge of their own learning by deciding the direction of their projects and researching areas that interest them. Teachers proactively respond to the student’s inquiry and support them in their learning. Where appropriate, students will have the opportunity to share their progress with their peers through presentations and receive constructive feedback.


Learning Centers

  • Project / Presentation
  • Project / Presentation

different kinds of learning centers are available for students to investigate further whatever interests them, thereby encouraging independent activities. Students are allowed to rotate from center to center and if the teacher thinks it appropriate, they may ask students to work with them together in a center they feel will benefit them.

<Examples of Learning Centers>

  • Reading Center - Free reading or taking part in a reading club.
  • Writing Center - Various writing activities are available such as creating an original story or comic, working on a diary etc.
  • Stop Motion Center - Create original stop motion movies using an iPad.
  • Music Center - Practice using their own instruments, the afterschool piano, or create original lyrics and songs.
  • Arts and Crafts - Work individually or as part of a team to create an original art piece.
  • Project Center - Students can spend extra time on their projects individually or with their group.
  • Programming Center - Students can use various applications available on iPads to learn about basic coding.

Dismissal and Free Time (until 19:00)

  • After working together to clean the classroom and complete their chores, students can choose to stay in the classroom to play or to work on their homework, or they have the option of going up to the 5th floor to engage in physical activity.

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18:00-19:30 The “Advanced Class” - An optional program available from the 5th grade

The advanced class is available for 5th grade students up to middle school students. The advanced class will follow CGK’s project-based learning principles of student-directed enquiry, but the older age of the students allows for more in-depth enquiry into more mature subject matters. Please note that the advanced course is not part of the normal Afterschool program and is an optional course with an additional fee.

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  • Afterschool Inquiry

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