• Bashamichi Campus
    Age 2 - Age 3
  • Kannai Campus
    Age 4 - Grade 12

Faculty & Staff

Our professional staff take the education of children very seriously.
Everyone has a unique, diverse background, and some are trilingual.


Dedicated teachers who are committed to implementing the transdisciplinary learning practices of the IB PYP.

With diverse experiences and a wide range of cultural backgrounds, our foreign teachers bring their rich life experiences and multicultural perspectives to the students, fostering a mindset and skills that allow them to explore the world from new perspectives.

And all of our Japanese teachers are qualified nursery teachers (hoikushi). They are bilingual or trilingual English-speaking professionals with experience in educational perspectives in the acquisition of English as a foreign language and in providing high-quality childcare. Using their expertise in childcare and education, they provide childcare and education that emphasizes the development of non-cognitive skills.

  • Reiko
    Ms. ReikoJAPAN
  • John
    Mr. JohnAustralia
    Vice Principal
  • Hisae
    Ms. HisaeJAPAN
    Vice Principal & Lead Teacher - Age 4&5
  • Darby
    Ms. DarbyUSA
    IB PYP Coordinator
  • Nahoko
    Ms. NahokoJAPAN
  • Huw
    Mr. HuwUK
  • Jun
    Ms. JunJAPAN
  • Lam
    Mr. LamSAE
  • Shingo
    Mr. ShingoJAPAN
  • Leina
    Ms. LeinaAustralia
  • Ms. YumiJAPAN
    Lead Teacher - Age 2&3
  • Steven
    Mr. StevenUK
  • Narisa
    Ms. NarisaJAPAN
  • Parker
    Mr. ParkerUSA
  • Riko
    Ms. RikoJAPAN
  • Nina
    Ms. NinaUK
  • Monami
    Ms. MonamiJAPAN
  • Emily
    Ms. EmilyUSA
  • Yurika
    Ms. YurikaJAPAN
  • Kanoe
    Ms. KanoeUSA
  • Ayako
    Ms. AyakoJAPAN
  • Renae
    Ms. RenaeAustralia
  • Maya
    Ms. MayaJAPAN
  • Lois
    Ms. LoisIRELAND
  • Sayaka
    Ms. SayakaJAPAN
  • Facundo
    Mr. FacundoArgentina
    P.E. Teacher
  • Yuka
    Ms. YukaJAPAN
  • heather
    Ms. HeatherUSA
  • Arisa
    Ms. ArisaJAPAN

Elementary School

As an IB PYP candidate school, our teachers provide an environment of inquiry-based learning. The transdisciplinary learning approach of the classroom teacher system stimulates children's exploratory activities. In subjects such as Japanese and physical education, dedicated teachers provide education to deepen each student's learning.

Rather than simply providing instruction in a passive manner, they emphasize providing an environment where children can actively think, learn, and grow. They are not bound by the Japanese curriculum guidelines, but rather focus on flexibility and creativity in our curriculum to meet the learning needs and interests of each student, and to help them reach their full potential.

  • Darby
    Ms. DarbyUSA
    Principal & IB PYP Coordinator
  • Martin
    Mr. MartinAUSTRALIA
    HR Teacher
  • Russell
    Mr. RussellUSA
    HR Teacher
  • Samantha
    Ms. SamanthaUSA
    HR Teacher
  • Ariel
    Ms. ArielTrinidad and Tobago
    HR Teacher
  • Sayuri
    Ms. SayuriJAPAN
    Japanese Teacher
  • Anna
    Ms. AnnaJAPAN
    Japanese Teacher
  • Facundo
    Mr. FacundoArgentina
    P.E. Teacher
  • Yuka
    Ms. YukaJAPAN


The teachers provide high-level inquiry activities that are mainly based on PBL (Project-Based Learning). The emphasis is on developing an approach to problem-solving through active learning, rather than simply absorbing knowledge.

They are dedicated teachers who do not offer mere after-school educational programs for learning English, but rather are supportive and approachable to the student's growth and development, and are there for them every step of the way.

  • Dan
    Mr. DanUK
    Head Teacher
  • Reyes
    Mr. ReyesUSA
  • Ashleigh
    Ms. AshleighUSA
  • Shin
    Mr. ShinJAPAN


  • Minoru Kai
    Mr. Minoru KaiJAPAN
    School President
  • Saeda Sueki-Au-Yeung
    Ms. Saeda Sueki-Au-YeungJAPAN
    School Director
  • Mayu Sugitani
    Ms. Mayu SugitaniJAPAN

As of June 2023


Ms. Reiko - Preschool PrincipalJAPAN


I originally worked as a childcare worker at a licensed nursery school. Although I did not have a strong interest in English, I started attending an English conversation school in my spare time. I then studied abroad in California for two weeks because I always had a dream to visit the Disneylands around the world. Once I made that dream come true, my next goal was to work at Disney World. I decided to study abroad in Canada, partly for leisure. But also because I thought I would need a good level of English to work abroad and I wanted to try living abroad once.

While attending a language school in Canada, I worked at a cafe, a restaurant, and as a babysitter. I also volunteered at a day care and during a meeting there, the topic of how to evacuate in the event of a disaster came up. I was asked what I would do in Japan in the event of an earthquake. When I told them that I would close the curtains to prevent the windows from breaking and the glass from scattering or check if there was a fire, they were surprised that I would take such a risk. For the nursery school teachers there, protecting themselves as well as the children is a higher priority and there is no need to do such things. I realized things were different from Japan. Neither is right or wrong. Just as different people have different ways of thinking, different countries have different ways of thinking and perceiving things. I was able to see this because I actually spent time abroad.

After returning to Japan, I started working at an international preschool that provides preschool education in English. It was very exciting to work with teachers from many different countries and I began to rethink how I should treat and care for children. I also saw the children having fun every day, learning English naturally in their daily lives, and communicating with teachers from many different countries from an early age. From working at Disney World, my dream changed to wanting to watch children grow up in an international preschool.

After working at two international preschools, I became one of the founding members of CGK.

At CGK, English is considered only a tool for expression. We think not only about learning English but also about what children can learn and feel, and how they express themselves. Therefore, our curriculum is not designed to share learning in a limited manner, but rather to allow children to enjoy learning and expand their interests through experiences, extracurricular activities, and active learning. There may be some things they are not good at; however, we believe that it is not necessary to have children improve what they are not good at, but rather it is very important for them to find what they are good at, their interests, and to develop these things.

Often, I say to the children, "Find something you like or something you want to work hard at, no matter what it is.” Instead of finding something you can't do, comparing yourself to others, and feeling sorry for yourself, if you find something you like, something you are good at and proud of, or something you can work hard at, you will enjoy living.

I hope that the children will have many experiences at CGK and that these experiences will touch their hearts and lead to a joyful future for them.


  • Worked at 2 international preschools for a total of 6 years (1.5 - 5-year-olds). Served as the head staff when opening the preschool, in charge of curriculum (musical instruction, PE) event planning, etc.
  • 7-years work experience in licensed preschool (0 - 5-year-olds)
  • Study abroad in Canada (1 year) Volunteered in a Daycare
  • Study abroad in California, America (2 weeks)

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 2 (Youchien)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)
  • YOUHO EIKEN Grade Pre-1
  • Reiko
  • Reiko

Mr. John - Preschool Vice Principal (Australia)Australia


Education is a wonderful thing: personally, I am very fortunate to have been inspired by some great teachers in my life. Because of this, I am motivated to be a similar figure in my students' lives. My ultimate teaching goal is to help my students become better people: learning is not simply the study of academic matters. Working with young children means I am allowed to be with them at a critical stage in their lives where they are learning all facets of life as they begin their journey to becoming the best person that they can be. As a teacher, I am always learning from my students, and I use such knowledge to become a better teacher and person. I thank you for the opportunity to work with and witness the growth of our future leaders.


  • Over 10 years of teaching kindergarten and elementary school students at Japanese and bilingual schools in Japan
  • Two years teaching at a combined junior and senior high school in Fukushima, a designated Super Science High School awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(文部科学省)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education from the University of New South Wales (Australia). Majored in Education, English, and Linguistics

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Accredited by the New South Wales Department of Education to teach high school (years 7-12)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)
  • John
  • John

Ms. Hisae - Preschool Vice Principal & Lead Teacher - Age 4&5JAPAN


After graduating from university, I worked in childcare and learned a lot, but I wanted to improve my English skills, so I went to Toronto, Canada, to study English. During my working holiday, I decided that I wanted to learn something in English instead of just learning English, so I went to a college where I could get a license in early childhood education, and then I worked at a daycare in Toronto for two years.
No matter where I go or what language I speak, I am always amazed by the curiosity of children and their ideas that adults would never think of.

Language is a tool to communicate with another person what you want to say. Being a person that the children can talk to, and by coming up with lots of things to talk about for daily life, I feel the children will be able to make the most of their learning every day. Taking advantage of my five years of living in Toronto, where different cultures are mixed, I aim for childcare that allows us to grow together while interacting with the children from a broad-minded perspective.


  • 4 years of studying early childhood education and psychology at university, worked as a nursery teacher for 3 years (experienced teaching both infants and toddlers)
  • Studied abroad in Canada, completed a two-year college program (Majoring in Early Childhood Education)
  • Worked for 2 years in a local daycare (Caring for toddlers and preschool-aged children as a homeroom teacher)
  • Lived in Toronto, Canada, for a total of 5 years

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien)
  • Registered Early Childhood Educator (Ontario, Canada)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Leading the Learning (PYP)
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)
  • Hisae
  • Hisae

Ms. Nahoko - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


I studied early childhood education and childcare at university because I was determined to pursue a career in this area since my own childhood. While studying, I grew more interested in how childcare was done overseas, the environment and ways of thinking. Through short-term language training and overseas travel, this interest continued to grow. While working at a daycare center, I decided to move to Vancouver, Canada, to "experience with my own eyes and senses things that I would not be able to experience in Japan."

I felt appreciated for my Japanese qualities, and I was surprised at the general feeling of acceptance of people with various origins, including differences in values and ways of expressing things. I was also able to see up close how children communicate positively with each other despite differences in skin color, facial features, and native language.
This had a big impact on me, and it made me think, "What skills do children need now and in the future? What is needed from childcare providers?"

While making full use of such valuable experiences, I want children to be confident in themselves, to convey their feelings and thoughts to others, to acquire the ability to express themselves, and to grow up with a smile. I would also like to spend my time supporting children during their preschool years, which is said to be the most important period in their growth.

I enjoy spending time with happy children every day. I feel I am leading a fulfilling life.


  • Language training in Canada
  • Worked at a licensed nursery school in Japan
  • Working Holiday in Canada (1 year)
  • Worked for a local childcare facility in Canada (various ages)

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)
  • Nahoko
  • Nahoko

Mr. Huw - Preschool Teacher (UK)UK


I believe that teaching is a special profession. For many of us, our precious memories and early life experiences as children are connected to our teachers and education. To be able to teach children and help nurture their talents and personalities is a very special thing. From first-hand experience, I believe that learning a foreign language expands the mind's capacity and affects the way an individual can think. Helping students at a young age start their language-learning journey is a real privilege and honour for me. I also believe that as the means of global communication and movement expand, the more necessary it is for the new generations to feel like citizens of the world as well as their own country. The ability to communicate, understand and share one's culture and personality with confidence as well as happiness is incredibly important. I feel lucky to be able to help the newest generation grow and learn through English learning as they start lives' journey.


  • 2 years teaching as ALT in elementary schools in Fukushima
  • 1 year teaching in a bilingual kindergarten in Kanagawa
  • 1 year experience as an English language centre volunteer at the Hokkaido University of Education
  • Major in Bachelor of Arts: Japanese from SOAS, University of London

Qualifications / Certificates

  • TEFL - certified for teaching English as a foreign language
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Ms. Jun - Preschool AdministratorJAPAN


When I was 14 years old, I started studying English because I admired Freddie Mercury of Queen. I grew interested in going abroad and went to study in England for a short time.
By taking an interest in music and dance, I learned a lot about the culture and background of the artist's country and the way people think and live.
After that, I started to feel that I didn't just want to visit other countries, but I wanted to live there and speak, laugh, maybe even argue directly with people from other countries in their language to engage more meaningfully with them. So, after three years of working (in an office job), I went to the U.S. to study abroad for a year.
During that time, I visited Jamaica and was inspired by the people who co-exist with nature and brave many dangers, all the while enjoying daily life to the fullest while honing their skills to survive and thrive. I spent three years living back and forth in Japan and Jamaica. After that, I lived in a Brazilian community in Japan for about 8 years and learned Brazilian Portuguese. I felt because I was able to understand their language I could empathize and exchange opinions with them and come to understand deeper aspects of the Brazilian community in a hands-on way that would not be possible from books or the Internet.

I myself am in the midst of raising two boys.
In the limited time of early childhood, I want to work closely with parents to support the growth and development of young children, so they can feel the love of the adults around them.


  • Short-term Study Abroad in the U.K., and one year in the U.S.
  • Trilingual in Japanese / English / Portuguese (Brazilian)

Mr. Lam - Preschool Teacher (South Africa)SAE


The schools I have worked in have incorporated an educational philosophy based on two main schools of thought. Creating an environment where children are free to express themselves creatively, develop their own unique perspectives and develop the ability to lead others. Creating Global Citizens, capable of communicating with people of different cultures and ways of life. The other school of thought has been related to STEM-based learning, teaching problem-solving and cognitive thinking skills, blending work and play to ensure children learn in a fun and engaging environment.

Very simply put though, I want students to feel: safe, comfortable, curious, motivated and then a little brave! Our students might end up teaching us one day!


  • 2 years teaching at Eikaiwas in Okayama and Saitama
  • 1-2 years teaching in after-schools and Curriculum Development in Tokyo
  • 1 year of teaching at an English after-school in Tokyo
  • Major in Bachelor of Laws: LLB from WITS, The University of The Witwatersrand

Qualifications / Certificates

  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)
  • Basic and Advanced Kids Programming and Engineering from STEMON Japan.
  • Lam
  • Lam

Mr. Shingo - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


Born in Fukuoka. After working as a nursery teacher at a nursery school licensed by a social welfare corporation, I moved myself and my childcare experience to a completely new place overseas (Japanese kindergarten / Hong Kong).
Living abroad has led me to develop an interest in childcare environments around the world, and over the past 10 years, I have continued to work with children as a teacher while visiting Japanese kindergartens and local preschools in various countries (countries of residence: Hong Kong, Bali, Indonesia and Vancouver, Canada).
Through my experiences in Japan and overseas, I have come to realize that "Japanese childcare and childrearing are wonderful, something to be proud of in this world". While continuing to foster these good qualities, I also place importance on incorporating "experiences other than Japanese childcare" into the environment of children and their parents. I want my experience with children both at home and abroad, my experience as a head teacher, principal and lecturer at nursery schools and universities, and even my experience as a business owner to be put to use at CGK for the children who attend CGK.
Please visit me anytime!

[What I try to nurture in Children]

  • Not the ability to become who they want to be, but the ability to do what they want to do, learning by trial and error.
  • The ability to think about things from various angles, and to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.
  • The ability to sympathize with everyone, regardless of nationality or age, and the ability to think fairly.
  • A sense of loving and protecting those who are important to them (friends, loved ones, family members).


  • Worked at a licensed nursery school for 4 years
  • Worked at a Japanese kindergarten overseas for 5 years
  • Worked at a global school in Bali, Indonesia
  • Worked as a volunteer at 3 preschools in Vancouver, Canada
  • After returning to Japan, established "Cross-Cultural School"
  • English Preschool Principal
  • "Time With Children" freelance childcare worker (self-employed)
  • Teacher at childcare / teacher training school, and lecturer at universities
  • Organized communities and events for childcare professionals / students

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 2 (Youchien)
  • Responsible Adult in Child Care Setting(Canada)
  • Youtaiken - Grade 3
  • Fire / disaster prevention manager
  • Shingo
  • Shingo

Ms. Leina - Preschool Teacher (Australia)Australia


While growing up in Australia, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds and being able to share the difference in culture, beliefs and values. This made me want to learn more about my own background and after graduating university, decided to come to Japan to connect with relatives and understand the Japanese culture. This also was a chance for me to start my teaching journey in Japan.

Since young I have always loved being with children, especially teaching children the enjoyment of dance and expressing themselves through movement and being active.
I believe that children are all different and unique in their own way. Children all learn differently and gain different experiences throughout life. As a teacher I feel that it is important to create a learning environment that caters to each child and support their learning in a fun and engaging way, through the use of English language. It is also important to learn from children to improve as an educator and to be the best that I can be, in order to support children and their learning.
English I believe is one of the tools that can help children understand their surroundings and to care for the world around them. Learning through English also allows children to step outside of the box and grow to become confident in what they want to be and/or do in life.


  • Teaching dance to children in Australia while attending university
  • 1 year of field work teaching students in secondary education during my last year of university
  • 9 years teaching experience in Japan, as an English teacher at an International Preschool
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance), Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Accredited by the Queensland Department of Education to teach high school (years 7-12)

Ms. Yumi - Preschool Lead Teacher - Age 2&3JAPAN

My first experience living overseas was studying abroad at an international school in Shanghai when I was in junior high school.
In those 2 years studying abroad, I didn't know right from left, and initially, everything made me very anxious.
However, English was the tool that helped me to learn things I had never known before, and find the real "fun" in talking with people who had grown up with different values and cultures.

After graduating from university, I became a "teacher of children" which I had dreamed of since I was a child, and I get so much inspiration from their liveliness and pure delight.
I find it most rewarding to watch the children grow and develop through fun, exciting experiences as they fully reveal their own strengths.

In childcare, I think that "firsthand" experiences through play and learning are important.
Not just studying English, but learning to use it as a tool while having fun with it. I want children to know the value and fun that lies ahead for them.
I aim for childcare that allows children to enjoy learning from each other and challenging things together. I love to hear them say "I want to try!"


  • Studied abroad alone at an international school in Shanghai for 2 years (while in junior high) Learned English and Chinese (Mandarin)
  • While attending university, worked for 3 years at a licensed nursery school
    Work experience as staff at events for children, including camp leader for infants to junior high school students
  • Worked as a homeroom teacher for 3 years at a private kindergarten
  • Worked at an International Preschool

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 2 (Youchien)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Mr. Steven - Preschool Teacher (UK)UK


As a student, I was always as motivated as the teachers who taught me. My interests over the years have grown because of certain, exceptional teachers. So my aspiration is to be the kind of teacher that inspires students to pursue and enjoy something new and rewarding because of my influence.

I also feel that, due to the ease of travel and sharing of information, it really is a small world after all. The world is shrinking and English is the language that will unite all of the beautiful cultures contained within it. It should be of utmost importance to encourage the next generation to think about the future of the tiny world that we inhabit, to provide them with useful information but also help them to take care of themselves and each other.

I am truly honoured to be able to stand with the youth of the world as they take their first steps on the fantastic journey called life.


  • 7 years teaching in an all-English daycare in Kanagawa
  • 1 year teaching in pre/after school care in Chiba

Qualifications / Certificates

  • TEFL - certified for teaching English as a foreign language (20 hours classroom teaching certificate)

Ms. Narisa - Preschool AdministratorJAPAN


With a Thai father and Japanese mother, I came into contact with different cultures and had opportunities to interact with people from various countries from an early age, so I was interested in the world as well as Japan. Although I was born and raised in Japan, my father loved English, so I started going to an English conversation school when I was in elementary school and I also came to love English.

In junior high school, I left my parents for the first time to homestay in the United States, and in high school I did a short homestay in Australia. After that, in college, I majored in English and went to Canada for an 8-month exchange program.

As the eldest of six siblings, I enjoyed growing up helping and caring for others, and after graduating from university, I found a job in the hotel industry where I could put my English to good use. After working in Japan for three years, I decided to go to Sydney, Australia, to gain experience working overseas. I stayed there for two and a half years and experienced many occupations, such as working in the concierge team of a local hotel, in a catering restaurant, as a receptionist for a food wholesaler, and for a travel agency.

After coming back to Japan, I returned to the hotel industry, but I was interested in multilingual and global education and wanted to be involved in helping young children to grow into global talent, which is when I came across CGK.

From behind the scenes, I am committed to watching and helping children grow into global citizens!


  • Homestay in the U.S. and Australia
  • Graduated from a 4-year university in Japan with a degree in foreign languages (Exchange student to Canada - 3rd yr.)
  • In Australia, studied and spent 2.5 years on working holiday.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • EIKEN Grade Pre-1
  • Cambridge English FCE

Mr. Parker - Preschool Teacher (USA)USA


Taking care of children has always been my passion and my dream. Since I myself was a child, I took care of my little sister and other younger children around me in school and in the neighborhood. Nurturing is something that comes naturally to me and when I thought about what direction I wanted to go in life I knew I wanted to work with children. I’ve been a babysitter, preschool swim coach, volunteer teacher and a before and after school care worker throughout my high school years. While majoring in Art History and studying abroad in Japan I began to volunteer as an English teacher for a small kindergarten near my college. Learning about the joy of working with children from a different cultures was the experience that helped guide me to where I am today as an international preschool teacher with 4 years of experience. I value creating a loving environment that helps all children reach their individual potential. There are many different types of children and ways of thinking and I will always strive hard to be a teacher that accepts and learns from all the children I meet. Teachers are meant to be guides and support systems for children and in my class that is what they will have.


  • 4 years teaching as a preschool swim coach in the United States
  • 1 year teaching as a before and after care teacher in the United States
  • 4 years teaching in a bilingual preschool in Yokohama
  • Majored in Art History from Temple University, Philadelphia

Ms. Riko - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


From ages 3 to 7, I lived in a college town in the United States and spent time with children from all over the world. I have very fond memories of the many opportunities in kindergarten and elementary school for kids and parents to learn about different families' cultures.

Also, since I was in kindergarten, I have been saying "I want to be a teacher in the future!" I spent seven years, from high school to university, in a childcare course and experienced childcare training in kindergartens in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. I was particularly impressed when I learned in Australia about "education that respects individuality and diversity", realizing that this was the reason I felt so "comfortable" as a child. In addition, through my experiences in childcare and as an English teacher, I realized that each individual child has endless potential and possibilities.

I try to involve children in a way that allows them to be absorbed in learning and expressing themselves.


  • Lived in the U.S. from age 3 to 7
  • Experience Childcare training not only in Japan but also in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea
  • Graduated as one of the first students of a new department in a University in Japan. This new department began to offer childcare certification both in Japan and overseas (Australia).

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien)
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (Australian childcare certification)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)
  • EIKEN Grade Pre-1

Ms. Nina - Preschool Teacher (UK)UK


Growing up in rural England I always dreamed of seeing the world and learning about different cultures. Thanks to my teachers both in elementary school and at high school, I was given the tools to help make this a reality, as well as the inspiration to pursue a teaching career. Whilst it certainly isn’t every child’s dream to travel across the world or become a teacher, I believe it is important to instill a curiosity in and appreciation of diversity, and learning through the English language is a wonderful way to help achieve this! Children are our future and working with them is a real privilege, not least because there is a great deal that we as adults can learn from children! I hope to be able to pass on to our young people a sense of adventure, and the toolbox to become good, happy citizens of the world.


  • 5 years working at Saginomiya High School, Nakano-ku, Tokyo; a school renowned for its music and creative programmes.
  • Taught at a long established British kindergarten and pre school which promotes arts and crafts, teaching students aged 18 months to 9 years old in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  • Bachelor of Science, bachelor of Sociology from City, University of London (England). Majored in Sociology.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • TEFL - certified for teaching English as a foreign language
  • TESOL - certified for teaching English to speakers of other languages
  • Certified in Cambridge Assessment "Teaching English Online"

Ms. Monami - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


While studying abroad in high school in New Zealand, I had an adorable one-year-old host sister. In my 3rd year of high school, I was thinking about what to do with my future, so at the suggestion of my host mother, I went to the local daycare that my little host sister attended for work experience. There, I realized that I was naturally play-acting, singing and expressing myself by creating things.
In my local high school, I had chosen expressive subjects such as Drama and Music (Musicianship), and I realized that this was the kind of occupation that I loved! This is why I decided to work in childcare.

I was fortunate to have many diverse and unique friends at my local high school. Many of them were unique and surprised me in many ways, but they all had one thing in common.
It was the idea that “it's okay to be who you are”.

New Zealand, where 1 in 10 people are said to be in a sexual minority, is made up of people who believe that it is okay to be who you are. Therefore, I remember feeling very secure at the time because I felt that no matter who I was, I would be accepted.
In Japan, acceptance of sexual minorities is still far from advanced, but I was impressed by the New Zealand concept that "it's okay to be who you are." In fact, I chose this as the subject of my graduation thesis at university, where I studied childcare that values individuals from the viewpoint of gender-free childcare.

As children live their lives, they interact with others, come into contact with various things, and bring their experiences to maturity in life. At this important time in their development, I want to tell the children, "It's okay if you're the same or different from others, as long as you're proud of yourself." I would also like to help them build relationships in such a way that they can be proud of their friends and commend them.


  • Short-term home-stay in Australia
  • Short-term home-stay in the U.K.
  • One-year Study abroad at a high school in New Zealand
  • 2 weeks childcare training in Australian kindergartens, preschools, etc.
  • While a student, worked a part-time job for 6 months at an international school, assisting 4 – 5-year-olds. Also spent 1 year as head teacher for 1-year-olds at a different international school.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Ms. Emily - Preschool Teacher (USA)USA


I grew up in a big family, and at every family reunion, I would always volunteer to watch over and play with my younger cousins. I always knew from a young age I would go into a profession that incorporates caring for others. I eventually discovered that teaching young children was a perfect fit for me. As a teacher, it is my goal to teach every student the way that I would want a teacher to educate my own child. I always treat my students with empathy, dignity, and direction. I prefer to incorporate an active learning style with my students so they can lead their own learning - through play and hands on experiences that broaden their perspective of the world arround them. I think it's important that children build a strong sense of identity from a young age; taking pride in their accomplishments and harboring empathy for those around them.

As the world advances, I believe it's important for children to be able to express themselves and collaborate with peers. Idea sharing, compromising, and negotiating with each other is a necessity to become successful adults. Through my lessons with active learning, I aim for students to achieve this. I hope to continue to help students grow so they can reach their dreams.


  • 3 years teaching at a kindergarten in Tochigi
  • 1 year teaching at an Eikaiwa in Tochigi
  • B.A. in Global & International Studies and Japanese Language & Culture
  • Minors in: Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, and Women's & Gender Studies
  • 1 year study abroad in Tochigi

Ms. Yurika - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


While I was a university student, I experienced childcare training in New Zealand and Australia.
I was impressed by the children who grew up in multinational and multicultural societies, and how they accepted the differences in their backgrounds as a matter of course.

I also learned firsthand about the differences in childcare policies and attitudes toward childcare in different countries during my course to qualify as a childcare professional in Australia. Seeing New Zealand's very liberal atmosphere in childcare, Australia's respect for well-being, and Japan's childcare that fosters a sense of consideration for others and a foundation of courtesy, it became my goal to practice childcare that incorporates the best aspects of each.

In addition, through my encounter with twins from Portugal whom I met during the demi-pair program while studying in Australia, I was able to witness the process of raising bilingual children and realized anew how wonderful it is to be exposed to a variety of languages from an early age.

I believe that the options that can be expanded by being able to speak English and accept the cultural background of others are beyond imagination. However, by not just learning English, but by having fun learning English through CGK's attractive programs and daily life, children can grow not only in language skills but also as human being. I will provide childcare services that will create many opportunities and chances for children who want to go out into the world.


  • Short-term study abroad program in New Zealand (childcare training)
  • Study in Australia for 7.5 months (language course, childcare course, and practical training in childcare)
  • Graduated as one of the second students of a new department in a University in Japan. This new department began to offer childcare certification both in Japan and overseas (Australia).

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi/expected)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien/expected)
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (Australian childcare certification)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Ms. Kanoe - Preschool Teacher (USA)USA


My inspiration for "teaching" actually came during my 5 years of coaching back in Washington state. I coached U14-U18 girl's volleyball and assisted with a U17 boy's volleyball team alongside my dad. Volleyball always ran in my family, so naturally, I was drawn to it from the early age of 6 and continued playing throughout college and beyond. Perhaps I didn't know it at the time, but I truly enjoyed giving back to the community that raised me by helping student-athletes follow their dreams and fine-tune their skills. Watching them overcome all the physical, social, mental, and emotional challenges of the game while growing stronger in confidence and perseverance was something any coach or mentor would be proud of. Although I've had few inspirational coaches growing up, much of my motivation for learning stemmed from having exceptional teachers.

As for my passion for teaching, this came much later after my years of working in the food service industry, healthcare business offices, or even the accounting industry. My calling to help others has always been clear to me, but sometimes the path I took looked different. It wasn't until I moved to Japan in 2018 and began my teaching career that I knew I'm meant to serve as an educator/mentor, sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.

As the world of technology continues to advance, I think it's even more pertinent for young people to inquire about everything and anything! Critically question a lot of the assumptions held about the present. I believe inquiry and discovery are the basis of lifelong learning, afterall. As an educator, I want to guide my students to become internationally-minded individuals who are balanced, principled, and independent thinkers. Teaching fundamental skills in the standard subjects is equally important as fostering social development skills for kids to reach their full potential. Promoting positive attitudes, respecting others, motivating students to do their best, incorporating a strong sense of integrity and discipline, and showing empathy for those around them all play a vital role in their development. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this growth process. And at the end of the day, I want nothing more than for each child to leave a better, more well-rounded person than when they first stepped into the classroom.


  • 5 years teaching at a private kindergarten in their afterschool program in Sendai, Miyagi / Lead Teacher for 4 years
  • Business Major with a Management/Finance concentration

Ms. Ayako - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


I got my start in the education industry when my daughter's teacher at a local school told me something during my stay in America. When I was concerned about whether my daughter was living "properly" and whether she was keeping up with her "grades," the teacher told me, "Children will eventually be faced with the task of evaluating themselves. It's not beneficial for children to have adults evaluate them numerically at an early age." The year before, my daughter's Kinder class teacher involved not only my daughter but also me in her class, reading picture books, doing science experiments, raising animals (she even called me when the chickens hatched from the eggs!), and, because of the nature of California as a diverse community, lectured on various national cultures.

Unlike the Japanese evaluation system, I took my first steps into the early childhood education program at a local university and into the education industry after witnessing the educational environment that simply accepts children without much use of teaching materials and allows them to blossom and develop their abilities with the topics and tasks thrown by the teachers, as well as the natural diversity response. I was also able to be a part of education in the community in my own way as a foreigner by providing classroom support at the local school, PTA activities, Girl Scouts, Japanese language classes for adults at the senior center, and bilingual story time at the library, where children were also introduced to Japanese culture.

Returning to Japan to support families wishing to raise their children globally, I have worked closely with families, setting goals as a childcare provider that fit the characteristics and nature of many children, and developing the potential of each child while still being in a group setting. I have shared the joy of children's growth with parents sometimes with a smile, and sometimes with tears of joy when they came to me with their big worries, and I have supported them in finding solutions for themselves and their families.

The knowledge, language, ways of thinking, expressing oneself and interacting with others acquired in childhood are the foundation for a lifetime. I develop a variety of themes, large and small, in any language, interspersed with lots of questions and hints for the children. In doing so, I set up activities based on the children's interests and their vectors. Beyond that, I set different curriculum goals for each developmental stage and axis of interest and watch over them, valuing a narrative that allows the children to gain a sense of accomplishment and the joy of collaboration in their own way. I want the children to be immersed in this kind of active learning that is not one-way, to learn and express themselves, to have the ability to challenge problems when confronted with them, and to develop their own personal development through interacting with events and people. I also want children to be able to accept themselves and the people around them, and to develop the "zest for life" that will allow them to live with a smile wherever they go in the world.


  • 4 years teaching at an international preschool: homeroom teacher for 3-5 year olds
    As an opening member of the preschool, I also worked as a leader of various events and was in charge of advising the management of the preschool and planning events to promote awareness of the preschool.
  • 2 years teaching Japanese language classes at the Senior Center in Belmont, California
  • 1.5 years hosting Bilingual Storytime at Belmont City Library, Belmont, California

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • NAEYC associate teacher
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Ms. Renae - Preschool Teacher (Australia)Australia


After graduating university in Australia and teaching for a few years in primary schools, I decided that I wanted to travel. I had made many Japanese friends while living in Cairns and was struck by their kindness and wanted to learn more about the culture. I came to Japan 20 years ago, loved it, and have been here ever since.

I have been lucky enough to be teaching children for more than half my life. I have a passion for education and believe that children have taught me just as much as I have taught them. I love a child’s joy for life, natural curiosity and spirit, and I hope to foster that and channel it into educational endeavors. I believe that in this ever expanding world, the ability to be creative and communicate effectively is of the utmost importance. I want to make children feel heard and take part in every aspect of their education and growth, encouraging them to be independent thinkers and responsible, thoughtful people. My greatest wish for any child (or person) is that they never lose their imagination.

"Imagination is more important that knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." – Albert Einstein


  • 5 years teaching primary school children in Australia
  • 20 years teaching at an international school in Japan (children aged 2-6) as head teacher, teacher trainer and curriculum developer.
  • 20 years teaching ESL to children aged 3 to 12
  • Bachelor of education (primary) in Australia

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Accredited to teach primary school in Australia

Ms. Maya - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


I have been exposed to English with my mother since I was one year old. Influenced by my mother's love of Western music, I still listen only to Western music from the 70s and 80s. I remember many times when I was a child I gave up learning English and clashed with my mother. At such times, my mother patiently told me, "Let's start from the place you understand," and gently helped me sort out my feelings by saying, "Let me know when you are ready." Even as a child, I remember feeling that she valued my individuality rather than forcing me to do something I did not want to do. I think it was because of my mother's thoughts and feelings that I continue to be involved with English today.

Wanting to further improve my English skills, I entered a high school with an international language department. I spent an active high school life, winning speech contests while my peers were returnees from abroad and participating in various international volunteer activities. After that, I decided to enroll in an American university in Japan, and it was a place far beyond my imagination. The classes were completely different from the "classroom learning" I had experienced up to that point, as students spontaneously engaged in "discussions" with the professors, which led to new discoveries. I was attracted to foreign classes where even if a student made a mistake in a statement, it was not considered a "mistake" and the class proceeded in a positive manner. Graduating from that university was the most difficult experience I have ever had, but at the same time it was the place where I realized that learning is so much fun.

After graduating from college, I worked in sales for a trading company, but I decided to change careers to the childcare industry because I strongly wished to work in a job where I could expand children's future possibilities by helping them improve their English skills, which I loved. I spent three years at an international preschool, where I was in charge of 2 to 5-year-olds, and it was a time of discovery and learning. More than anything, I learned countless things from the children, and every time I see their smiling faces, I truly feel that I am glad to have become a childcare worker.

Just as I still have fond memories of my childhood with my mother, I would like to make every day full of smiles so that I can be a teacher who will remain in the children's memories forever. I also aim to provide childcare from the child's point of view and to develop the rich individuality of the child.


  • Major in Asian Studies and minor in Political Science at American University in Japan
  • Two short-term homestays in the U.S.
  • 3 years experience at an international preschool in Yokohama (experienced homeroom teacher for 2-5 year olds, and head teacher duties)

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • EIKEN Grade Pre-1
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Ms. Lois - Preschool Teacher (Ireland)IRELAND


I feel it is our responsibility as early years educators to provide a safe space where children can explore their interests and express their creativity. We should encourage their natural sense of inquiry and wonder. The years children spend in preschool are the stepping stones for their future, and as educators we have the opportunity to help them to become kind, empathetic and curious individuals. Supporting children to develop self confidence and pride is my top priority. Every child should be able to say "I am the best ME!"

I try to teach children to take mindful moments so they can process big feelings and regulate their emotions. I aim to be someone that children can trust and rely on, and that they can come to for any type of support, whether it's academic or emotional. I will always treat children with the respect and patience that they deserve.


  • 4 years working as a teaching assistant and daycare lead teacher at an international school in Tokyo
  • 1 year working at an English conversation school for adults in Tokyo
  • 3 years working as an after-school English teacher in Tokyo

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Certified kids yoga instructor
  • Certificate in Creative Mindfulness for Children
  • Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Ms. Sayaka - Preschool AdministratorJAPAN


I love spending time with children and have dreamed of working in a "children x English" environment since I was a student.

I have worked as an assistant staff member at an after-school childcare center and a nursery school when I was a part-time worker, participated as a volunteer at a local nursery school in Australia when I studied abroad, and have been working in the field of English education for children, management, and administration since graduating from university.

I have always pursued my dreams, and it occurred to me that finding one's dream is often deeply related to the kind of people one meets and the kind of words one is spoken to one when one is a child. I myself had a dream of becoming a teacher because I admired my older brother and the teachers I had in kindergarten. When I was in charge of recruitment in the field of education, I vividly remember how warmly I felt when I heard graduates say, "I couldn't forget the smile of the teacher, and I applied for the job because I wanted to be a teacher like the teacher."

I also had certain thoughts about "making dreams come true".
After my experience as a school director, I was in charge of training for other school directors at the head office. There, I met not only new school directors, but also franchise owners and business owners, many of whom were actually realizing the future they had envisioned. Among them, those who are active globally were using English not as a "strength" but rather just as a "tool".
In such a situation, I strongly felt that "It can be to make your dream come true. Or to make friends. I want children to use English as a natural tool for communication in the future!"

I believe that the field of education is not only a place to teach subjects, but also a place where we can direct people's hearts toward their dreams and hand them the tools to make those dreams come true.
With this philosophy in mind, I would like to continue to help children to dream wonderful dreams and support them in realizing them at CGK!


  • Approx. 1 year studying abroad in Australia
  • 3 months volunteer work at a local nursery school in Australia
  • 2 years of part-time student work at a licensed nursery school
  • 2 years of part-time student work in an after-school center
  • 2 years working as an English teacher at an eikaiwa
  • 2 years working as a bilingual teacher at an English after-school center
  • 2 years working as school director at an English after-school center
  • 6 years working as a trainer of after-school directors and a bilingual staff recruiter

Qualifications / Certificates

  • TESOL - certified for teaching English to speakers of other languages

Ms. Heather - Preschool Teacher (USA)USA


Piaget outlined a concept of moral autonomy in which those who are morally autonomous are kind to others based on personal respect for them. In contrast, someone who is morally heteronomous acts on the basis of rewards or potential for punishment. As a teacher, my goal is to foster a sense of moral autonomy through respectful and caring relationships, by working together with families, and by guiding children in learning through what they experience. When a child has learned through their experiences and by having positive role models, they are better able to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems, resolve conflicts with others, and inquire independently into what they want to learn. This independent inquiry, supported by peers and adults, fosters meaningful learning that they can apply to their daily lives. In addition, by discussing with children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, as well as both the positive or negative consequences of said actions, we can develop a sense of empathy so that they will think about how their behaviors or actions affect others.

To put all of this simply: My goal as a teacher is to be supportive, caring, patient, and respectful to all so that those around me also understand how positive behavior can have a positive impact on others. I still have much to practice and learn, but I am excited to learn with the children.


  • 2 years at a high school in Ise, Mie with monthly visits to a K-12 special needs school.
  • 1 year at an English conversation school in Kanagawa teaching children and adults.
  • 3 years at international preschools in Tokyo.
  • Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
  • Major in Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies with a focus on International Studies. Minors in Education and Japanese.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years (PYP)

Ms. Arisa - Preschool TeacherJAPAN


My first overseas destination was New York, which I visited as part of a short-term language study abroad program at university. I felt the difference between childcare in Japan and overseas when I volunteered at a local childcare center, and through this experience I became interested in childcare overseas. Upon graduating from university, I began working in childcare, which had been a dream of mine since elementary school, and it was both challenging and very fulfilling.

One winter, I had the opportunity to participate in a training program in Finland, which turned out to be a turning point for me. I had a strong desire to learn more about childcare overseas and to be able to speak English, so I decided to go to Australia. I have since had the opportunity to live in the UK, and I value what I have learned through my experiences so far in this job.

The first thing I place particular importance on is "communicating". This is a communication tool that even adults find difficult to handle. Some children do their best to communicate through words, facial expressions, and actions, but some are better at it than others. I would like to empathize with their sensitive "want to communicate," and through their feelings, help them acquire the skills to build relationships and the ability to communicate on their own.

And the second is "smile". I love children's cute smiles. I have been saved and healed by their smiles many times in my life. Smiles and laughter brighten up the world around us and make us happy. I try to provide childcare in which children have a good time and smile a lot.


  • Majored in childcare and psychology and worked at a licensed nursery school after graduation
  • Short-term language study in Australia. Homestay with an Aussie family.
  • Worked at two international preschools
  • Obtained YMS (working) visa and went to England for 2 years. Worked as a nanny, babysitter and in a local nursery.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien)
  • Arisa
  • Arisa

Elementary School

Ms. Darby - Elementary Principal & IB PYP Coordinator (USA)USA


I have been working with children in various capacities for over 30 years. Learning, and helping others learn, is my passion. I have been fortunate to be able to earn a Master's of Education while living in Japan and working at a school that follows the Primary Years Program from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB PYP). This experience has reaffirmed my personal commitment to learning and improving, as a teacher and beyond.

Adapting to teaching in the 21st century means that not only must we be committed to lifelong learning for ourselves, but in teaching those skills to our students. We cannot know what specific jobs or demands our students will face in the future. We can however help our students embrace this uncertainty and value learning new skills. Using an inquiry-based approach, like the one offered by the IB Primary Years Program, allows us to create a learning environment that encourages students to develop approaches to learning that will set them up for future success.


  • Graduated from the IB Diploma Program at Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Florida
  • 30+ years working with children in various capacities in the US and Japan
  • 10 years teaching in Japan
  • 6 years teaching at an IB school
  • Bachelor's of Arts from Fordham University, NY
    Major in Theater, Minor in Religious Studies
  • Master's of Education in Advanced Teaching Practices at the Elementary and Middle School from the University of the People, CA
    Dual Specialization in Literacy and STEM

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Teaching License K-6 (American Board)
  • IB Certifications
    Cat 1 general - University of the People
    Cat 1 - Leading the Learning (PYP)
    Cat 2 - Evidencing Learning (PYP)
    Cat 3 - Inquiry (PYP)
    Cat 3 - Approaches to Learning
    Cat 3 - Creating a Curriculum for Transdisciplinary Learning (PYP)
    Cat 3 - Leaders Engage the Community (LEAD)

Mr. Martin - Elementary HR Teacher (Australia)AUSTRALIA


I believe that one of the main roles a teacher has is to cultivate the natural curiosity and sense of wonder that young learners have. As the famous scientist, Carl Sagan once said, ‘Young learners ask deep questions. What is a dream? Why is the moon round? What is the birthday of the world? Why do we have toes? Why is grass green? These are profound, important questions that just bubble right out of them.'

By encouraging students to ask these deep questions, and by asking deep questions of them in return, teachers can enable our students to develop ways of thinking that will empower them to approach any future challenges with confidence and skill. As a teacher of young learners, I have always felt that it is a privilege to spend this special time in their lives with them, and to help shape the way they see the world. I enjoy working with, and learning from, all the students at CGK!


  • 3 years teaching kindergarten students at an international school
  • 2 years as a head teacher at an afterschool program teaching students from grades one to five
  • Masters of Arts (Research - Literature), Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama), Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Internationally award-winning film-maker, TV writer, novelist and playwright
  • Accomplished guitarist and vocalist

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Pre-K to Grade 3 Teaching License issued by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, District of Columbia, USA
  • Graduate Certificate in Education, Moreland University, Washington DC, USA
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen (PYP)

Mr. Russell - Elementary HR Teacher (USA)USA


It is now almost intractably accepted conventional wisdom that the most critical time in shaping a child's relationship to education and the world at large is between the ages of three and eight. If you think of your brain as a house, your DNA provides a blueprint while your education and experiences during this young period contribute building materials, design and basic furniture which, much like a real furnished house, you adapt and exchange overtime; however as time goes on these changes become harder and harder to make. Everyone of course has heard of elderly couples whose homes haven't changed in 30 years right? Well, that's what your brain can be like as time goes on! During this young, developmental period in my own life I personally had a few profound influences, one was an exceptionally creative and challenging babysitter who would go on to become a kindergarten teacher herself and the other was that my family moved to Australia when I was six years old. It didn't occur to me at the time but the experience of adapting to a different place, with different seasons, weather, accents, uniforms, food and pace of life was a separate education in and of itself and would provide the "structure" for a lot of the decisions I made as I got older. I suppose that is why I connected with CGK's mission statement: to try and expose kids to the presence of different cultures and modes of thinking at this young stage of life, because it really does make a difference! That being said, I am still trying to keep my "house" open to change, renovations, new-fangled decorations and the like, and I'm looking forward to learning as much from your kids as I hope they learn from me.


  • 4-5 years of international school teaching experience
  • 2 and a half years teaching primarily kindergarten to middle school-aged students in Yamanashi Prefecture
  • Major in College: Bachelor of Arts - Biochemistry
  • Senior Seminar: Adolescent Education & Creativity in the Sciences

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Arizona State Teaching License K-6 (ongoing)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen (PYP)

Ms. Samantha - Elementary HR Teacher (USA)USA


It is truly a privilege to experience life with my students - my greatest joy in life is seeing the world through a child's eyes. As a Life-long learner myself, starting the day with fresh eyes and an open heart is indispensable.
In addition, I believe the individual is equally as important as the whole. In order to create a collabortive, enriching environment, each student's individuality must be honored and nurtured.

Through intuitive and inquisitive learning students grow and continue to understand their place as global citizens. There are many answers to multiple questions in life and inside an inclusive, risk-free classroom the main questions will always be "Why?" and "How?". Why does blood move through my veins?
How does the shinkansen run? Or, simply, "Why is it a good morning?". No question is too big, or too small as children move forward and understand the world around them.

CGK offers a unique experience where students are challenged daily, while having and developing a complete sense of self. It's my pleasure to create an environment where students do not hesitate to explore, reflect, and connect with each other and themselves. Anything is possible!


  • 10 years teaching children ages infancy to 12 years
  • Student teaching, 3rd grade, in an IB/PYP International School in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 8 years teaching ESL students in New Jersey, Czech Republic, and Japan
  • Internship at a Japanese elementary school in Osaka
  • 3 years teaching public high school English in Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 4 years' experience teaching physical education including swimming and gymnastics
  • Major in Elementary education (B.S.) and History (B.A.), The College of New Jersey
  • Japanese Studies (Certificate: Kansai Gaidai University)

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Teaching License K-6 Issued by the state of New Jersey, USA (Ongoing)
  • Undergraduate degree in Elementary Education: ESL Focus
  • HIB Certification
  • Project Learning Tree
  • EMT NJ License (2015-2021)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen (PYP)

Ms. Ariel - Elementary HR Teacher (Trinidad and Tobago)Trinidad and Tobago


I am passionate about education. It was no surprise to my family and friends when I decided that I would pursue education as a profession. From a young age, I felt naturally inclined to teach those around me. Over the years, I found myself teaching various content to people of different ages and backgrounds. The best part is always seeing those “aha!” moments when they finally understand some concept and meet their goals.

I stand in awe of education's ability to inspire and transform. I have experienced this transformative power firsthand. I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood so education was the only way for me to ‘escape'. Throughout my years, I have been inspired when I saw other people escape difficult situations through the acquisition of education but also transform their lives through the expansion of the mind that takes place when we learn and are exposed to different ways of thinking.

I truly believe that education is our hope for a better future and the classroom is the hub for this transformation. My intention is to filter all the learning experiences in our classroom through this filter. The possibilities are endless in the classroom and I am excited and grateful to have these experiences daily!


  • 7 years of full time teaching
  • 5 years of international teaching in Japan (4 years on Oki Islands, Shimane at 11 schools and 1 year in Tokyo)
  • Experience in kindergarten, elementary and middle school teaching
  • Homeroom teacher experience in Kindergarten and Elementary schools
  • Bachelor of Education with specialization in English Language and Literature, University of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Master's of Education in Advanced Teaching from the University of the People, CA

Qualifications / Certificates

  • International Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching, University of Derby, England
  • TEFL Full Circle - certified for teaching English as a foreign language (160 hours classroom teaching certificate)
  • Child Protection for International Schools
  • Child Protection Basics for International Schools
  • First Aid Essentials for International Schools
  • Children's Mental Wellbeing for International Schools
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 general - University of the People

Ms. Sayuri - Elementary Japanese TeacherJAPAN


"My dream is to be a school teacher." This is the dream I had when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. After graduating from high school, I entered the Faculty of Education with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.
And although I was not very good at English, I experienced a short-term study abroad program in Australia and an exchange program in the U.S. while still in school, and for the first time I became acutely aware of the vastness of the world. I was fascinated by the worldview, values, and life experiences that I was able to broaden by learning English, and I set a new goal: "I want to live and study abroad in an American educational environment."

Then, I went on to Western Michigan Graduate School of Educational Technology in Michigan, U.S.A., where I received a master's degree. I wanted to apply this knowledge to ICT education in Japan and to the curriculum review of the School of Education. During my two years of study, I also taught Japanese to local university students majoring in Japanese as a Japanese language teacher.

In the summer of 2018, I was suddenly contacted by a German publisher to publish my research paper as a book. This research paper was initiated with the idea that "I want to help train teachers to make practical use of technology in their educational settings." The process of completing the thesis was a process of researching the current situation in the field. In the process of completing the thesis, I was able to interact with local teachers, attend conferences on EdTech, and learn about various methods of introducing and using ICT.

As an aside, it has been said that in order for children living today to survive in the 21st century, new educational methods are needed to ensure that higher-order problem-solving skills, originality, creativity, collaboration, analytical skills, thinking skills, and diversity are firmly developed. Why are these skills required in the first place, compared to those of the past? One of the reasons often given is that when children living today become adults, most jobs will be AI or mechanized, and it will be important for them to "create" new jobs by themselves. At the same time, jobs where interpersonal communication is essential are likely to survive. What is needed is for "each individual to analyze the current situation, identify problems, create what only he or she can do, and come up with countermeasures that suit the purpose, while collaborating to support society." This is what I mean. To achieve this, it is said that education that "emphasizes mutual communication between learner and learner, and between learner and teacher" is important, rather than "one-way teaching from teacher to learner." Technology is seen as an important "tool" that is effective in creating such classes and also enhances spontaneity and ambition.

While making full use of these technologies in the classroom, I would like to support the development of the "IB learner profile," which is the humanity that the International Baccalaureate (IB) aims for, by emphasizing communication between people. In fact, at a Japanese school in New York where I worked after graduation, I was in charge of introducing ICT into the classroom, creating and operating the environment, etc. as an elementary school classroom teacher and in charge of information equipment. In one case, a child who had been reluctant to speak up in class began to express his or her own opinions.

Speaking of technology, programming skills have recently been gaining attention as one of the skills that we want our children to learn. I also started learning programming on my own about five years ago. After returning to Japan, I joined the HR department of Progate, a startup company that plans, develops, and operates a programming learning service. It is a very valuable experience because it gives me many opportunities to learn about society differently from a teacher and to gain so-called "business skills.

Finally, I would like to talk about something that has always been important to me as an educator. It is to "be just as you are." I have created an environment where I can enjoy learning time with each child as he or she is, and challenge and learn together while taking the lead. I would like to continue to use all the possibilities I can offer to support children's growth.


  • Bachelor of Education (Media Education Course), Shiga University
  • Study abroad to Australia and U.S.A.
  • Master’s degree in Educational Technology, Western Michigan University
  • 2 years being a Japanese teacher to students whose major is Japanese Language at Western Michigan University
  • 5 years teaching to kindergarten to elementary school aged students at a Japanese School in New York
  • Working in Human Resource Department at a startup company which develops and provides an online programming learning platform

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Teaching License for Elementary Education Type 1
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher Type 1 (Youchien)
  • School Librarian License
  • Advanced Certificate in TESOL
  • Advanced Certificate in Teaching Japanese
  • The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, 3rd grade
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Leading the Learning (PYP)

Ms. Anna - Elementary Japanese TeacherJAPAN


As part of my high school trip, I had the opportunity to stay at a homestay in Vietnam. My host brother there was studying Japanese as a foreign language at his university. This kindled my interest in Japanese language education and led to my choosing Japanese language education at university. While studying there, I got interested in education as a whole. I have been actively involved in the education of Japanese as a national language, Japanese language education as a foreign language and other kinds of education, for people of varying ages and purposes in various countries.

During these experiences, I met a lot of people. Of course, there were times when what I took for granted did not hold true, or times when I felt that something was not quite right in people's words or behaviors. Since the lives each and every one of us have lived are different, it is natural for opinions, ways of thinking, and actions to differ. I want to convey to the children a passage from Misuzu Kaneko's poem, "Everyone is different, everyone is special."

I felt this strongly when teaching children overseas. The creation of an educational environment where children could freely express their ideas and thoughts with confidence was a central concern. The classmates all had questions and new perspectives, and faced everything together. The children's eyes lit up and they were happily and actively participating in the class.

To put your thoughts into words, and to share them with others, is a difficult thing. I think there are times when one wonders, "What if I'm different from everyone else?" That's why I want to create an environment where everyone can recognize each others differences and appreciate them.


  • 1 year teaching practice of Japanese language education at university in Germany
  • 2 years teaching at university in Thailand as a fulltime Japanese language teacher
  • While a student, volunteered in communities for children who are from various background
  • While a student, visited educational facilities in 8 countries and interacted with the learners

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen (PYP)

Mr. Facundo - Elementary & Preschool P.E. Teacher (Argentina)Argentina


Creating a positive and inclusive learning environment is integral to my work as a P.E. teacher. I strive to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates individual differences, encourages risk-taking, and fosters a sense of belonging. I value each student's unique strengths and challenges, and I believe in providing differentiated instruction to cater to their individual needs. By promoting inclusivity and supporting students in their learning journeys, I aim to build their confidence and create an environment where they feel safe to explore and take risks.

As a Physical Education teacher, I’m fully aware of the importance of games for developing intercultural awareness, in order for kids to become competent and open-minded players. I believe in communication and empathy as mediums to engage in the teaching and learning process.

Physical Education is not just about exercise and games; it plays a crucial role in fostering the overall development and well-being of your child. I believe in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where each student can thrive, grow, and discover their unique potential. Through engaging activities, teamwork, and skill-building exercises, I aim to instill in your child a lifelong love for physical fitness and a deep appreciation for the value of a healthy lifestyle.

My educational background and experience in the field have equipped me with a deep understanding of the importance of physical education in promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I am committed to providing a well-rounded P.E. curriculum that caters to individual needs and encourages personal growth, while also emphasizing the values of sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for one another.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with children and help them embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. By fostering their physical abilities, developing their teamwork skills, and promoting positive self-esteem, I am confident we can make the time at CGK a remarkable and rewarding journey for each and every student!


  • 3 years of experience as a P.E. teacher at International schools in Japan (Elementary, Middle and High School) with IB and Cambridge curriculums
  • 1 year of experience as a Personal Trainer in a rehabilitation center and gym
  • 3 years experience as a Physical Trainer/Coach in football clubs in Argentina

Qualifications / Certificates

  • National Physical Education Teacher (Argentina) certified by the ICJ (UN)
  • IB Certification
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP happen (PYP)
  • Anthropometrist - International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK)

Ms. Yuka - Elementary & Preschool AdministratorJAPAN


I went to public school in Yokohama from elementary school through high school and then went to college in Michigan, USA.

I believe that the environment in which you learn and the people you spend time with are very important. I realized this during my university life overseas. I was looking forward to studying abroad for the first time, but at the same time, I felt a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, I was blessed with friends and teachers and was able to study in a good environment. I think I was able to grow a lot by taking on challenges without fear of failure. Also, by learning with friends of various nationalities and spending my days helping each other, I was able to gain a broader perspective on things. This experience is still being utilized today after entering the workforce.

CGK is an environment where students can nurture their spirit of inquiry, acute cognitive ability and self-express from an early age through an international standard curriculum. Learning and growing with friends in this environment will support and give them confidence in all aspects of their lives. We hope that the various experiences and self-confidence cultivated at CGK will help children to carve out their own happiness.


  • M.A. in Communication Studies from Hope College, Michigan, USA
  • Six months as an intern at the Depertment of International Relations, Holland City Hall, Holland, Michigan, USA
  • Experience working in an educational institution or general business


Mr. Dan - Afterschool Head Teacher (UK)UK


I believe the most important qualities in people are
1) kindness and empathy for others, qualities I believe are sadly overlooked to a large extent.
2) Critical thinking, the ability to see things from multiple perspectives, evaluate a situation, and change your option based on new information.

I think it is important to nurture these qualities in children from a very young age, and with today's world becoming ever more partisan and tribal it has never been more important to instill these basic values in our children. The simplest acts of kindness have the power to affect people in profound ways, and often leave deep and lasting memories that influence them for life. With the world becoming an ever more interconnected place in my opinion it's no longer enough to think and act in inflexible ways, and we should all aim to become global citizens and broaden our minds to their fullest potential. I really believe that learning to think in a new language, especially from a young age, really opens your mind to new ways of thinking and changes how you see the world around you. Clearly knowing English will be advantageous in many careers due to English being the default global business language, however, it is the benefits gained through opening children's minds to new ways of thinking and being able to connect with different people all over the world and the friendships they can make that I think is most enriching.

My approach to teaching is to create an environment where children know it is ok to make mistakes. We all make mistakes and we all have made many mistakes in our lives, it's how we learn. But because we often fear the consequences of giving a wrong answer or making a mistake we often hold ourselves back and retreat into a safe shell limiting our potential for growth.

Through creating a safe environment of mutual respect where children know they can do their best without the fear that comes through being wrong or making a mistake children can feel comfortable finding their own path to growth becoming confident and thoughtful people willing to put themselves out there. Although children have a lot to learn we should remember that children have a lot to teach us. Children see the world in a pure way not viewing it through the lens of conflict, historical divisions, race, etc so we should sometimes look to our children for inspiration.


  • Three years as the lead teacher, and new staff trainer, at an Eikaiwa in Musashi-Kosugi, half a year as a homeroom teacher at an international after-school in Yokohama, half a year experience working part-time at a variety of kindergartens and elementary schools in Kanagawa and Tokyo
  • BA with honours in Sociology with courses taken in European Politics
  • Teaching level one certificate gained through my former company's training and promotion program

Mr. Reyes - Afterschool Teacher (USA)USA


As a foreign educator in Japan, I believe that I am both a teacher and cultural ambassador to every one of my students. Each classroom interaction provides us with an opportunity for reciprocity; I teach them about my Mexican-American heritage, and they share their unique culture and experiences with me. In my eight years of teaching experience in Japan, my goal has been to nurture students with a love for learning, a passion for community service, and a desire for cultural exchange. I believe these values are important for the long-term success of students living in an increasingly connected global community.

I first came to Japan as a member of the JET Program in 2014, where I worked as an ALT in Fukushima for about 3 years. As an ALT, I was both an English language educator and a cultural ambassador for the small village of Izumizaki. Through our interactions in English, my students and I developed a deep appreciation for each other’s unique cultures. I was also the Volunteer Coordinator for the JET Program in Fukushima. I led monthly volunteer efforts in the affected regions of Fukushima. Through my volunteer work, I had the opportunity to give back to the community that had hosted me for over three years. My experience of living in Fukushima has solidified my passion for both teaching and volunteering in Japan. I have continued my passion for volunteering throughout my eight-year teaching career in Japan.

I am originally from Los Angeles California. I moved to Pennsylvania in 2010, where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Bucknell University. In 2019 I completed my Master’s Degree in Global Studies from Sophia University (上智大学) in Tokyo. I was the recipient of both the Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship and the Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship. My academic success has allowed me to travel the world, and I hope to motivate my students to do the same.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life. I will do my best to instill a love of learning, a desire for exploration, and a passion for helping others in all my students. With your support and my guidance, I am confident your child will reach their academic potential.


  • 4 years of International School teaching experience
  • 6 years of Afterschool teaching experience
  • 2 years of teaching experience as an ALT
  • M.A. in Global Studies from Sophia University
  • B.A. in International Relations from Bucknell University

Ms. Ashleigh - Afterschool Teacher (USA)USA


I first became interested in teaching while watching my mother. She was a teacher and would often bring us along to the summer camps and daycares that she worked at. During university, I spent a short time studying abroad in Japan. This was my first chance at teaching, as I volunteered to help out at an English conversation group. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue teaching further after graduation. These were the first steps I took towards a career that has reshaped my life.

As a teacher, my role is to help support and encourage student's learning. Children are often naturally curious and as the teacher I can help them safely explore the world around them. Through clear expectations, lots of student input, and fun-fueled learning, my students feel comfortable to take risks and get involved. My belief is that the world around us is becoming smaller and more interconnected everyday. With an inquisitive, international focus I'd like to prepare my students for success in an increasingly global world.


  • 4 years teaching at a private kindergarten in their afterschool and highschool programs in Sendai, Miyagi
  • 2 years being a lead teacher
  • 1 year teaching at an eikaiwa in Tokyo
  • 1 year teaching at an International School in Tokyo in their afterschool program
  • International Business major with a minor in French
  • 1 term studying abroad in Chiba

Qualifications / Certificates

  • TEFL - certified for teaching English as a foreign language

Mr. Shin - Afterschool AdministratorJAPAN


I began learning English at a local English conversation school at an early age and went on to a prefectural high school of international studies, where I studied with my peers from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and realized the importance of English education in a globalized society. After graduating from the Faculty of Policy Studies at Chuo University, I moved to Los Angeles and obtained my Cambridge CAE at a local school.

I believe that in the globalized society of the future, it is not only important to learn English, but even more important to establish a sense of self and to acquire the ability to output it.

I support the creation of an environment in which each student at CGK can establish a strong sense of self and express his or her own opinions while respecting the opinions of others.


  • Graduated from Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Senior High School of International Studies
  • B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University
  • Cambridge CAE at Kings College Hollywood (1 year in USA)
  • Studied in Cairns, Australia (1 year)
  • Interpreter and interviewer for foreign workers in a company.
  • Personal Trainer

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Cambridge CAE C1 grade


Ms. Saeda Sueki-Au-Yeung - School DirectorJAPAN

Saeda Sueki-Au-Yeung

I started playing soccer in elementary school, and went on to study abroad and played soccer at an university in America, where our team won the national championship. It was a wonderful experience for me to meet so many people from different countries.

It's a lot of fun to gain a global perspective and to expand one's possibilities by taking on challenges without fear of failure. I would like to convey this joy to as many children as possible.

Even a small moment of "I did it!" brings joy that can strengthen their confidence to take on the next challenge. It then becomes enjoyable to discover and take on new challenges. We believe that it's our job to maximize this kind of joy.

We want to create an environment where children can grow naturally through fun activities and add to their skills one by one.

I am so happy to spend every day having fun with our future Global Kids!


  • Homeroom teacher at CGK Preschool for 3 years (3 to 5-year-olds)
  • Head Bilingual Staff for English Afterschool care (3-year-olds - elementary age)
  • Graduated from a 4-year university in America, joined women's soccer team (National Champion)

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Qualified Nursery Teacher (Hoikushi)
  • IB Certifications
    Cat 1 - Head of School (PYP)
    Cat 1 - Making the PYP Happen (PYP)
  • YOUHO EIKEN Grade Pre-1

Ms. Mayu Sugitani - AdministratorJAPAN

Mayu Sugitani

I took classes in English from kindergarten, studied at an International Baccalaureate IB MYP and DP accredited school, and went on to university in Australia. I have studied with foreign teachers, classmates, and international students, and I found the IB classes and overseas university classes very interesting and enjoyable. I believe that I am able to lead a fulfilling life now because I am healthy and independent due to the education I received, not to mention the academic aspects, such as learning English sensitively from an early age and developing a way to tackle classes and assignments that I can do at overseas universities through the IB.

I believe that parenting is about "making children healthy and independent. Healthy means two things: a healthy body and a rich mind. Independence means the ability to have a spirit of inquiry, to think and choose things for oneself, and to create one's own path. Everyone wants their children to be happy, but there is no route that says, "If you follow this path, you will definitely be happy." To begin with, there is not one but a variety of ways to feel happiness. What parents and adults can do for their children there is to "make them healthy and independent". I believe that this will help children overcome difficulties and bring them one step closer to happiness.

How do you develop a rich mind and independence? I believe it is environment and habit. Communicating with a wide variety of people every day, thinking and speaking for themselves and creating things. I believe that this is how we develop a mindset that allows each person to be different and to find enjoyment on their own.

Compared to children who learn only in their first language, bilingual learners have deeper thinking skills and greater cognitive abilities, but learning and using English is also about learning another way to express oneself. Being able to express oneself well is a rich and attractive reflection of the child's mind.

At CGK, we create an environment that nurtures such children's spirit of inquiry, acute cognitive ability, and self-expression, and we have a curriculum designed to help them achieve this. I will strive for as many children as possible to become healthy and independent, and to follow their own unique path of happiness both in Japan and abroad.


  • Alumni of IB MYP and DP accredited schools in Shizuoka, Japan. Attended English immersion education from kindergarten.
  • Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at Entrepreneur Education from the University of Queensland, Australia
  • Worked for a foreign travel agency in Tokyo
  • Worked for a study abroad agent in Australia
  • Formed a business alliance with an IT/translation company in the U.S. and Canada and worked as a sole proprietor

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