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IB PYP Candidate School

CGK International School

Now accepting applications
for admission in April 2024

International School in Yokohama
to 12+4-Year Continuum Education

CGK is the only integrated international school in Yokohama with April enrollment.
More than 160 students from 2 years old to elementary school attend the school,
which plans to open a middle school in 2025 and a high school in 2028.

As an International Baccalaureate IB PYP candidate school, our world-class curriculum and progressive,
future-oriented approach to education foster independent, lifelong learners,
while we, the school, continue to grow to even greater heights.

Educational Mission and Code of Conduct

With the mission of "maximizing your opportunities for happiness in an increasingly global world," we have been providing a high quality inquiry-based learning curriculum since the school's opening.

We contribute to creating a better and more peaceful world by developing young talent into internationally-minded individuals.

Mission & Values

Preschool (Age 2-5)

IB PYP Candidate School. Full-time, 5-days-a-week enrichment curriculumfor Age 3-5 (from 2 days a week for Age 2). Providing quality childcare and education that also nurtures non-cognitive skills through a global education that fosters self-expression, acute cognitive ability and a spirit of inquiry.


Elementary School (Grade 1-5)

IB PYP Candidate School. Providing practical inquiry-based learning through a transdisciplinary system. As a non-article one school with a flexible curriculum, CGK practices a global education that flexibly incorporates the IB and other world-standard curriculum.


Middle School (Grade 6-9)

Scheduled to open April 2025. Explore learning by focusing on deeper and more focused concepts than the IB PYP curriculum. Students continue to make broad connections across subjects, but move towards more subject specific learning. Students will experience one-year study abroad program in 7th grade to develop diverse perspectives and values from a young age.


High School (Grade 10-12)

Scheduled to open April 2028. Providing students with the opportunity to extend their learning and make connections across disciplines. Also CGK provides an environment that nurtures internationally-minded individuals that can contribute to a better world, maximizing opportunities for happiness in an increasingly global world.



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Solid Structure to Support CGK's Growth

The following is an introduction to CGK's educational systems and the faculty and staff who support it.

Educatino and childcare are not mechanical manifestations of the policies of an organization,
but rather, a reflection the passion and enthusiasm of all staff members involved.
Through the collaboration of our faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds and the policies that CGK aims to achieve,
we provide quality education and childcare.

  • 12+4-Year Continuum Education

    Continuum education from 2 years old until high school graduation. Continuity in our activities allows us to focus on education that is truly important for the future of the students, without wasting time on boring, repetitive studying.


  • IB Education

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) Education is an all-round education to develop internationally-minded individuals. Through IB education, we provide a consistent educational program from preschool onward.


  • Message

    Find out about the school's founder, his passion for education and the process of opening the school. This will make clear the source of our consistent philosophy and the motivation behind it, that is, a happy and prosperous future for children.


  • Faculty & Staff

    Our professional staff take the education of children very seriously. Everyone has a unique, diverse background, and some are trilingual.



(日本語は後で) Grade 3/4 students are engaging in a unit exploring the relationship between between Japanese calligraphy (in particular the work of Inoue Yuichi) and the abstract art in America🎨In this video, you can see students actively express their opinions, collaboratively deciding on the progression of their artwork showcasing distinctive IB lessons!For more details about the lesson content, please visit our school’s website for the blog post.初等部の3年生と4年生は、日本の書道(特に井上有一の作品)とアメリカの抽象芸術との関係を探究するユニット(単元)を学んでいます🎨動画では、IBの特徴あるレッスンで生徒たちが英語で積極的に意見を出し合い、どのように絵を進めるか、自分たちで決定する授業の様子が垣間見れます。実際のレッスンの内容については、当校のHPからブログをご覧ください!#internationalschool #IB #cgkis #elementaryschool #インターナショナルスクール #インターナショナルスクール横浜 #国際バカロレア #横浜 #初等部
【CGK初等部説明会のご案内】2023年内の説明会は残り2回となります。・11月18日(土) 9:00AM(日本語) / 11:00AM(英語) / 2:30PM(日本語)・12月16日(土) 9:00AM(日本語) / 11:00AM(英語) / 2:30PM(日本語)現在、2024年度の出願を受付中、入学選考も進んでいるところでございます。初等部新1年生の出願状況は、1クラス定員20名のところ、現在22名(選考中を含む)です。もうすぐ1クラスの定員を満たすところですので、ご検討中の方はまず年内の説明会へご参加ください。また、今年度中の編入受け入れも行なっております。説明会にご参加後、入学時期をご相談いただければ幸いです。説明会の内容は、CGK初等部に関する内容だけでなく、プリスクール卒業以降のお子様の進路を考える上でも、大変有益な情報が多くございますので、ご入学のご意思に関係なく、どうぞお気軽にご参加頂ければと思います。過去にご参加済みの方や、2025年度以降が対象の方もぜひ!当日はお子様もお連れ頂けます。初等部の先生と交流する機会にもなりますので、ぜひどうぞ!【CGK Elementary School Open Schools】We have 2 more open schools left in 2023.・ 11/18(SAT) 9:00AM(Japanese) / 11:00AM(English) / 2:30PM(Japanese)・12/16(SAT) 9:00AM(Japanese) / 11:00AM(English) / 2:30PM(Japanese)We are currently accepting applications for the 2024 academic year, and the admissions process is underway.Regarding applications for new Grade 1 in the elementary, the capacity for one class is 20 students, and we currently have 22 applications (including those have not done an interview yet). We are close to reaching the capacity for one class, so if you are considering applying, please attend one of the open schools scheduled before the end of the year.We are also accepting transfers within this academic year. After attending the open school, please consult with us regarding the admission timing.The content of the open school covers not only information about CGK Elementary School but also reliable information for considering the future educational path for your child after graduating from preschool. Whether or not you have a definite intention to enrol, please feel free to participate. This invitation extends to those who have attended in the past or those targeting enrolment from the 2025 academic year onwards!Children are welcome to join on the day. It’s also an opportunity to interact with elementary school teachers, so please join us!#InternationalSchool #IB #yokohama #cgkis #インターナショナルスクール #インターナショナルスクール横浜 #国際バカロレア #横浜
*****************スクール送迎バス新ルート(武蔵小杉~菊名)のお知らせ!*****************新たなバスルートは、主に武蔵小杉から菊名にかけての東急東横線上(綱島街道)を通るルートとなります。武蔵小杉ルート運行開始時期: 2024年4月新バスルート: 特に武蔵小杉ルートは細かな変更が生じる可能性がございますのでご了承下さい。プリスクールでは朝と夕方、初等部では朝のみ、バス送迎を行っています。ご利用は2歳児クラスの生徒から可能です。対象エリア(最寄り駅) <JR> 横浜、桜木町、関内、石川町、山手、根岸、磯子 <東急東横線~みなとみらい線> 武蔵小杉、元住吉、日吉、綱島、大倉山、菊名、横浜、新高島、みなとみらい、馬車道、日本大通り、元町・中華街 <市営地下鉄ブルーライン> 横浜、高島町、桜木町、関内、伊勢佐木長者町 <京急本線> 神奈川、横浜、戸部 <相鉄本線> 横浜、平沼橋、西横浜※本牧エリアも対象。※駅前に停車するとは限りません。*****************School Shuttle BusNew Route : Musashi-Kosugi to Kikuna !*****************The new bus route will mainly run on the Tokyu Toyoko Line (Tsunashima Kaido) between Musashi-Kosugi and Kikuna.Musashi-Kosugi Route Start Date of Operation: April 2024New Bus Route: Please note that the following routes are subject to change, especially Musashi-Kosugi route. transportation is available in the mornings and evenings for preschool and in the mornings only for elementary students. Service is available for students from 2 years old.Area Covered (nearest station)	<JR> Yokohama, Sakuragicho, Kannai, Ishikawacho, Yamate, Negishi, Isogo<Tokyu Toyoko Line - Minatomirai Line> Musashi-Kosugi, Motosumiyoshi, Hiyoshi, Tsunashima, Okurayama, Kikuna, Yokohama, Shin-takashima, Minatomirai, Bashamichi, Nihon-odori, Motomachi-Chukagai	<Blue Line> Yokohama, Takashima-cho, Sakuragicho, Kannai, Isezaki Chojamachi	<Keikyu Line> Kanagawa, Yokohama, Tobe	<Sotetsu Line> Yokohama, Hiranuma-bashi, Nishi-Yokohama*The Honmoku area is also covered.*It doesn’t necessarily stop in front of the stations.#InternationalSchool #preschool #yokohama #cgkis #プリスクール #プリスクール横浜 #インターナショナル保育園 #横浜 #IB  #インターナショナルスクール横浜 #国際バカロレア
(English follows.) CGKのLINE公式アカウントでは、様々な最新情報をお届けしていますので、ぜひ友だち登録してくださいね。スクールに関するご質問やご不明点は、チャットでお気軽にご連絡ください。On our LINE Official Account, we are providing various up-to-date information on CGK. Please follow us! If you have any questions or queries about the school, please feel free to contact us via chat on the LINE Official Account.#InternationalSchool #インターナショナルスクール