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CGK Community

Introducing the Expanding CGK International School Community

Since its opening in 2016, CGK International School has grown by constantly pursuing the quality of care and education for children. The environment and resources required to achieve this are not only the highly qualified and personable teaching staff, who are dedicated and passionate about their children, but also the parents who support their children's development at home. We are also aware that in this growing CGK community, there are many individuals, companies and organizations, including the local communities around CGK, who bring mutual development and positive influence.

We are grateful to all those involved in the CGK community and will continue to provide an attractive and varied environment and opportunities.

The Growing CGK Community

Here we present the CGK community that CGK has built up to date and the prospects for future expansion. We hope that our growing community will enrich the lives of those involved in it as much as possible.

  • CGK International SchoolCGK Student's Family

    We offer a wide range of opportunities for interaction with the CGK current student families who are already enrolled and are part of the CGK community. We also actively cooperate with local businesses, organisations and individuals to ensure that children have special experiences.

  • Study Abroad ProgramCGK Student's FamilyEducator

    CGK communities will be developed not only in Japan but also abroad. Short-term study abroad programs, in which students from preschoolers can participate in the same class with local students at local nursery schools and elementary schools, and one-year study abroad programs are also offered from the summer of the second year of middle school at CGK. In the future, CGK hopes to open a CGK overseas campus and actively implement exchange programs, short-term and long-term study abroad programs between the two campuses, as well as overseas training for staff.

    In the future, language and cultural training for educators will also be offered, from short-term to long-term. In an age when the number of teachers is decreasing in Japan, we aim to support educators in improving their skills and career development, and also to improve the status of educators as a whole. As well as contributing to the training of personnel to work in international and overseas schools, CGK teachers will also take part in the program to raise the level of CGK teachers.

  • Bilingual Preschool Teacher ExchangeEducator

    Management of the Facebook group 'Learning and Exchange Community for Preschool Teachers and Staff'.

    It is an opportunity for bilingual preschool teachers from CGK Preschool and bilingual preschool teachers from other schools to interact, exchange ideas, and also improve their skills through workshops and other activities. International preschool teachers are required to have a variety of skills in English, childcare and global perspectives, which is why we believe it is important to have an environment where they can grow together.

  • Career TrainingEducator

    As the number of international schools in Japan grows year by year, there is an urgent need to train highly qualified teachers working in international schools, who are required to have a wide range of skills. We will support career development and job search activities.

  • Interactions with the Local CommunityExternal Community

    Childcare and education at CGK are made possible by the cooperation of many people involved with CGK. Through their interactions with the local community, students feel a sense of being part of the local community and their responsibilities, and learn a variety of lessons.

  • International FamilyCGK Student's FamilyEducatorExternal Community

    Yokohama is home to many foreign residents, however, due to language and cultural barriers, these families from overseas often end up in small, limited communities. Yet there are many Japanese families who want to interact with and support foreign families.

    Taking advantage of the fact that CGK is an international school, we operate the community and provide not only a place for exchange, but also a new type of exchange community by sharing professional knowledge and information on international education, childcare, and child-rearing. We also run events.

LINE Official Account

CGK's LINE official account provides not only daily information about the school, but also the latest news about the community and events. Also, outside families can chat directly with CGK through LINE, so please be sure to sign up.

  • English @cgk-en

  • Japanese @cgk-ja

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