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From Preschool to a Combined
Elementary, Middle and High School

Opening 2025, CGK Middle School
2028, CGK High School

A Higher Level of Learning

After elementary school, we continue our all-round education with an international curriculum while moving to a subject-teacher system in order to explore each subject and theme in greater depth.
In the second year of middle school, students study abroad for a year to improve their independence and broaden their views through experience.

Term Definition Examples Visual representation
  • Working with multiple disciplines, maintaining boundaries
  • Multiple but distinct disciplinary perspectives that explore a topic, issue or idea (concurrent or sequential)
  • Traffic safety council (automobile engineers, city planners, psychologists)
  • Comparative MYP study of classical civilizations: legal institutions (history), number systems (mathematics) and discoveries (sciences)

Perspectives on a topic, issue or idea

Perspectives on a topic, issue or idea.

  • Working between more than one discipline, blurring boundaries
  • Interaction among disciplines to achieve new, integrated understanding
  • Informatics (social sciences and information technology)
  • MYP unit that explores opportunities for principled action in response to climate change (geography and design)

Integrated understanding

Integrated understanding.

  • Working across and beyond disciplines, eliminating boundaries
  • Transcends the confines of disciplines to explore an issue using a shared approach for inquiry
  • Hospital patient well-being team
  • A PYP unit of inquiry into the theme "Who we are"

Transdisciplinary theme.

Transdisciplinary theme.

The CGK team has made the commitment to improve our teaching and learning by adopting the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) as a candidate school*. We have seen how implementing the framework of the IB has improved learning. We also have members of staff who were fortunate to experience the IB as students in the Diploma Programme (DP) or Middle Years Program (MYP). In our commitment to an internationally-minded curriculum that enhance critical thinking and develops 21st century skills and a strong learner profile, we will be launching our Middle School as an MYP candidate school*.

The MYP builds well off of the skills and approach of the PYP. While the PYP is a transdisciplinary program, blurring the lines between subjects through Units of Inquiry, the MYP is an interdisciplinary program. An interdisciplinary approach requires more subject specific learning, allowing the students to go deeper into specific subject matter. The subjects are connected through at least one interdisciplinary unit a year. Subject teachers work across disciplines to connect knowledge and skills in a way that furthers conceptual learning and develops skills and the learner profile.

There are 8 subject groups in the MYP:

  • Language and Literature
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Language Acquisition

There is also a core component of the MYP, which helps to develop the Learner Profile and skills such as Approaches to Learning (ATL).

  • At least one interdisciplinary unit
  • Personal project
  • MYP Community project
  • STEM- science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • Action and Service

The Personal Project occurs in year 5 of the program, which for CGK will be the beginning of Grade 10. The Personal Project allows students to explore an area of interest, building off of their experience in the PYP Exhibition as well as utilizing new skills and knowledge. It is an independent project, but each student will have a supervisor who will support the student in successfully completing their project.

The Community Project occurs in year 3 or 4 of the program. At CGK we will be doing the Community Project in 8th grade. The Community Project may be completed in groups of up to 3 or individually. It is a chance for students to act and find a way to be of service to their community. It is part of the core of the MYP (action and service) as well as building off the action focus in the PYP.

The MYP continues building on the concepts, Learner Profile attributes, and ATL that our students work on in the PYP. The MYP challenges students to develop them further, ensuring greater success in the Diploma Program, Career-related Program, university, and careers. The MYP also offers external assessments that may be used when moving to different countries or applying to elite secondary programs. This well balanced approach to education combined with academic rigour and achievement is why we at CGK look forward to implementing the MYP as a candidate school in 2025.

*CGK International School is an IB PYP candidate school. Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.

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