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(Age 2 - Age 3)

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Introducing Project Work and Learning Centers among the main activities here.
Project Work provides a high-level of inquiry-based learning.

Features of CGK Afterschool

CGK Afterschool program is based on "active learning".

Instead of sitting at a desk all day, the children will learn how to think, research and realize what they want and need to learn, based on a variety of different themes.
Nurturing a child's curiosity to learn more will become a valuable asset throughout their lifetime.
The possibilities are endless for a child who has mastered the skill of finding out what they want to know.

We have created the best environment to nurture these Global Kids.

Project Work

The children form teams and work on projects together.

Each day of the week is dedicated to a "Driving Question," a theme that integrates various subjects such as science, social studies, and moral education.
By taking several months, students can learn in depth about topics that match their interests.

By playing games that spark interest, looking up things they don't understand, thinking as a team and looking for solutions, children will acquire true English proficiency that includes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

We don't simply study English, we are creating the best environment to learn in English.

[2023-2024] Project Work Curriculum (Sample)

Month Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
April What am I made of? How does geography shape the world? How can we create and run a successful YouTube account? How can we plan and run our own mini olympic games? Student Choice
August How can we create an oroginal stop motion movie? How can we create an original story book? How can we create an original game? How can we put on a show? How can we create an art porfolio?
September Why are oceans important? How can we resolve conflicts with words? Student Choice Student Choice How can we create, plan and perform a school play?
January Student Choice Student Choice How can I express myself or ideas through art? How would you design a new school? How do things fly?

Other Project Works (*Click for more information)

How can we learn more about a book with a shoe box?

How can we make our own fun boardgames for everyone to enjoy?

What is perspective and why is it important to see through others lives?

What can you create with a cardboard box?

How can we build a sustainable animal habitat?

What is a podcast and how can we use it to teach others?

How can we leverage social media to help with a public service announcement? Is social media helpful or hurtful?

What animal is best to be a class pet for CGK Afterschool?

How can we showcase and learn more about a famous artist?

How can we learn more about ourselves through our own family history?

What is a TED talk and how can we use it to share our own ideas with others?

How would you design a zoo?

What patterns of change do we find in nature?

How can we use moving pictures to tell a story?

How can we learn while eating breakfast?

How can we create a garden to help and feed the homeless?

Can junk be art and how can we express ourselves through it?

How do newscasters learn about and share the news?

How would you design a school?

What does the “Final Frontier mean and how can we be more involved in space exploration?


Learning Centers

  • Programming

    Developing logical thinking and problem solving skills through the use of tablets and computers.

    Working with friends to complete assignments.

  • English-Language Media

    Project work research

    Read English newspapers and summarize what was learnt into an original newspaper

  • Reading & Writing

    Extensive reading

    Copying down passages from books


  • Arts & Crafts

    Create this month's theme project using materials of your choice

    Computers and printers available

This time helps children develop their own independence.

The children make all the decisions regarding what they want to do, who they'll do it with and for how long.
The teacher is only there for support.

"Making Decisions by Themselves" = Self-Determination
We value the importance of knowing oneself, increasing self-esteem and living life being true to oneself.

These qualities are essential for children to learn and grow.

* The above themes may be subject to change.

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  • Afterschool Inquiry

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