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Frequently Asked Questions from Parents about Afterschool

Do you accept English beginners?

We require a set level of English proficiency in order to enroll. Those wishing to enroll will have an interview with the teacher. Our original curriculum requires a certain level of English. This is due to our goal of improving skills other than English, such as presentation and communication skills to nurture "Real Global Kids" through our unique content.

Up to what grade can students attend?

Grades covered are grades 1 through 5. Please contact us about 6th grade students.

What is the level of English required for admission?

Since we do not have Japanese staff in the classroom at all times, we assume that students are able to communicate properly in English with the teachers. We also have Reading skills that are required in the lessons. For more information, please contact us and come to observe the English skills of our students.

What if we miss the bus?

To give the children enough time, we scheduled a pick-up time that matches the school's dismissal time after the end of 5th period. But if for some reason school finishes late and they miss the bus, they will need to come to CGK Afterschool by themselves, for example by taking public transportation. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for understanding that our bus needs to visit multiple schools. Please let us know if there are any changes to the schedule or if there is a special time change.

Do you have a return bus service?

No, we don't offer a return bus service. While it may be an extra burden on the parent/guardian, we would appreciate having the chance to chat when you pick up the child, in order to talk about how things are going and the child’s growth. However, if you let us know in advance, the child can return home alone. In that case, please note that we will not be responsible for any trouble that may occur after leaving school.

Does the bus service go to both national and private elementary schools?

Our bus service only goes to eligible public elementary schools.

Do you have a bus service that goes to after school activities or cram school?

No. While it may be possible to leave our school temporarily if the parent/guardian requests in advance, the student must leave/re-enter on their own and the school will not be held responsible for any accidents etc. that may occur while they are out of school.

Can I set the time and place of the bus stop?

Sorry, but the school will set the time and place. Please note that the school arrival time will depend on the route. Also, please note that we do not provide return transportation, so please pick them up from school.

Can we take make-up lessons?

As we work on a different theme every four months, we do not hold make-up lessons on a different day of the week or on holidays, even if the request is due to the student's (or parent / guardian's) circumstances, or due to the weather, disaster or school event. To keep it fair, the tuition fee will differ depending on the month and day of the week. For details, check the fee schedule 2024-25 Tuition and Fees.

Are students from CGK Preschool given priority?

While it depends on the situation at the time of application, if there is space available, priority will be given to students from the Preschool. We will also let you know about seasonal schools in advance so you can apply before all the spaces are filled.

Junior High School Exam Preparation

At present, we have no plans to prepare students for the junior high school exam.

Do you help students prepare for the EIKEN test?

At present, we have no plans to prepare students for the EIKEN test.

Long Vacations

We close during Golden Week (one week), Summer Vacation (Obon Holiday) and Winter Vacation (one week including the New Year holiday).

Can my child attend school from the morning during Summer, Winter, or Spring Vacation?

At our Seasonal School, we offer a fun program in the morning. English learning experience is a prerequisite for participation, but friends are welcome to join us as well. We hold classes as usual during the afternoons.

Dealing with Allergies

Be sure to tell us about any allergies or chronic illnesses at the time of enrollment. We may not always be able to adjust the ingredients used at snack time or dinner during extended hours, even if notified in advance. In that case, we may ask you to bring something from home.

Can you look over their studies or homework?

If requested, it may be possible to arrange individual homework time, but please note that we won't always be able to provide a quiet and calm environment. Let us know whether you'd like to prioritize homework or CGK activities.

  • Afterschool Inquiry

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