Bashamichi Campus
(Age 2 - Age 3)

Kannai Campus
(Age 4 - Grade 12)


Annual Events

We Value Special Experiences for the Children

CGK holds many events, and in addition to those listed below, we also actively incorporate field trips depending on the curriculum content.
The reason for this is that learning and experiencing various things at an early age can bring about excitement, surprise, and discovery, which can lead to intellectual inquisitiveness and a desire to know more. Additionally, when we learn through active learning, rather than passive learning, it remains firmly in the memory and becomes a great source of growth while nurturing a variety of emotions and a rich sensibility.

* The following events are not necessarily held every year or in every class. In addition, there is a possibility that previously held events will be discontinued.

Family Participation

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Food Education

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Japanese Culture

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Examples of past events

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