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Opinions and Experiences of Parents / Guardians

[Grade 1 class] From Gaku's parents (June 2023)


My son has been a student at CGK Preschool for 3 years and has been attending CGK Elementary School since April of this year. We were very worried about whether to enroll in a Japanese elementary school or CGK, as it would greatly change my son's future path, but we decided on CGK because we thought that learning English well at an early age and being in a global environment would benefit our son's future. We also decided to enroll our son in CGK Elementary School because he enjoyed going to CGK Preschool every day for 3 years and had many wonderful experiences there.

It has been three months since he entered the school and he really enjoys going there every day. He seems to enjoy taking the IB UOI and also the Japanese classes. We recently had a "parent observation", and the way the teacher conducted the class drew out the children's curiosity to the maximum extent, and we could see that all the students really seemed to enjoy learning. The small class size and the fact that there are many opportunities for output, such as speaking up and making presentations, is also a wonderful environment for my son, who has a shy personality.

We are looking forward to seeing my son's growth in the future at CGK!

[Grade 2 class] From Gabriel's parents (July 2023)


We love CGK International School and we love the IB program. Everyone works together to help the students learn by themselves, develop independence, and work in harmony with the group.

[Grade 2 class] From R's parents (July 2023)


She is happy to be back in elementary G2 at CGK, her favorite school where she spent 4 years as a preschool student. She had attended CGK Afterschool, but since she had spent grade 1 at a public elementary school, we were a little worried that she would not be able to return to a daily English-speaking lifestyle, however, it seems that she had learned a lot at the preschool, and she quickly adjusted to her new life and enjoys going to school every day. She is shy and does not speak up, but we are relieved to know that the small class size and the approach taken by the teachers are suited to her personality. As for the classes, she especially likes the IB UOI class. We hope that the experience of exchanging opinions with her friends and thinking about various things will lead to her future growth.

[Grade 1 class] From Masumi's parents (July 2023)


Every morning our son is greeted by the big smile of the principal of CGK Elementary School, and he enjoys going to school. The classes taught by the homeroom teachers and other enthusiastic teachers from around the world are very multifaceted, and we are delighted to see how he is naturally expanding his interests in a variety of directions.

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