Bashamichi Campus
(Age 2 - Age 3)

Kannai Campus
(Age 4 - Grade 12)


Optional Class

We offer extracurricular classes after school (from 4:30p.m.)
to develop the children's individuality and to meet a wide variety of needs.

Programming (English)

55-minute class / Every week

The goal is not to learn programming language or to raise programmers, but to develop logical thinking skills through programming. As the children learn naturally and have fun, they develop logical thinking skills as well as English language skills.

For more information, see the article ."Programming Education from Early Childhood and Its Significance".

Pygmalion (Japanese)

50-minute class / 42 times a year

The Pygmalion Early Childhood Education Method has been adopted by Hama Gakuen (Hama Kids), which has the highest number of students accepted into Nada Junior High School, the most difficult junior high school to get into in Japan. Also, it has achieved an average standard deviation score of 60 or higher for its graduates.

This method increases finger, spatial, graphic, number logic and language skills, rather than simply cramming the students with knowledge. The goal is not to raise so-called elites, but rather to nurture the children’s ability to think for themselves by enhancing their intelligence and acute cognitive ability.

Although not specializing in "exam preparation", the reason why it has been so effective for elementary school and junior high school entrance exams is due to exam questions these days shifting away from "do you know or not know" to "think logically and derive answers on your own".

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This is in line with CGK's active learning philosophy, incorporating active learning not only in daytime classes but also during extracurricular classes has had positive results.

<From "Counting" to "Visualization">

This is the Pygmalion approach, which is well proven in numerical logic. With Pygmalion, numbers aren't "counted".

The student must be aware of the quantities involved, rather than mechanically arriving at the answer using certain formulas.

CGK is the first international preschool in Japan to adopt this method.

Dance (English)

45-minute class / Every week

  • (1)Promotes physical health and wellness whilst having fun

  • (2)Builds self-confidence

  • (3)Improves posture, coordination, and alignment

Our lessons focus on developing and improving physical and mental growth through learning basic dance skills. Most importantly, we want to encourage self-expression through body movement and for the children to enjoy dance.

Dance plays a key role in developing physical health and wellness in young children. Being aware and understanding our bodies improves the connection between the mind and the body. Proper posture, coordination, and alignment are the foundations of all dance movements. Having good body posture and alignment improves coordination and concentration as it trains the body to control movement and develop a sense of rhythm. As well, dance has been shown to build self-confidence by providing a creative and expressive outlet whilst being an opportunity to learn something new and fun.

Every three months, we hold a dance show for the children’s families. The dance shows are a fun and positive way for the children to present their progress as well as enjoy performing in front of an audience and build self-confidence.

Our goal is to encourage children to develop the ability to express themselves and communicate freely through body movement, along with physical and mental growth. The enjoyment of dance and having fun are also essential parts for these dance lessons.

Students will have the opportunity to perform on stage and showcase themselves in front of an audience with the following events that will take place within the year. These performances are essential for children to have goals and gain special experiences while learning to build confidence and self-expression.
*Please note that the following events are subject to change.

  • CGK School Festival

    School Festival
    • Once a year on a weekend
    • The School Festival is a fun and engaging event that includes exciting interactive activities, food stalls and performances. This event is open to the public and the outside community. Dance students will be able to show the audience their dance skills and start to gain experience in the enjoyment of performing.
  • Dance Performance at SYD Hall (Opening act in a play)

    Dance Show at SYD Hall
    • Once a year on a weekend
    • This Dance performance is a day where students can experience what it is like to be a dancer backstage with preparation and rehearsal practice, but also on stage performing in front of an audience.
  • Dance Show (Parent Observation)

    • Every three months on a weekday
    • These dance shows are mainly for parents to observe how their children are doing in the dance lessons but most importantly, to see how much progress they have made throughout the year.


Teacher: Leina

From a young age she has had a passion for dance. She has trained in various dance styles and majored in Contemporary Dance and Ballet at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. In Australia, she has taught dance to a wide range of different age groups. She is a firm believer that dance is a form of art that allows creativity and self-expression.

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