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Afterschool Halloween Week!

Afterschool November 17, 2020

During the last week of October our elementary students enjoyed a fun Halloween Week!

Some of the children came in costumes or wearing cute headbands, so this was a special week with a different atmosphere than usual!
During Halloween Week, we enjoyed lots of fun activities such as candy scrambles, making Halloween baskets, riddle solving games, mummy making, musical chairs, etc.!


Riddle solving games are a team activity.
The game begins with a search for the envelope that has the riddle.
If they can't find it, they ask us "hint please!" It was cute to see them working so hard in a team effort with their friends!
They solved riddle after riddle until they solved the very last one and could happily announce "We finished!".

In the mummy making activity, the children got into pairs and wrapped each other in toilet paper to make them into mummies.
It seemed a little tricky for them to work with the easy-to-tear toilet paper, but they had fun working together, one holding the torn paper as another carefully put it back together.
The end result was a cute mummy, covered from head to toe in toilet paper!

Children who won games received sweets as a prize and they also got more sweets than usual at snack time. They seemed so happy to get more than they could possibly eat at one time!
It was an exciting week and the teachers, too, were happy seeing the kids having so much fun.

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