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[Interview Video] Project Work - Social Studies / July 2, 2020

Afterschool July 17, 2020

Today at CGK Afterschool, we'd like to show you a Project Work lesson.

The day's subject is “Social Studies”.
The theme of the lesson is “Community Hero”.

The children will learn about their city's heroes, such as doctors, teachers, policemen and firefighters.

It's a special day for the kids!
We interviewed a drone pilot!

By using a website called “Pathful connect”, we were able to interview someone living in America.
Pathful connect

Mr Hill, a professional drone pilot, kindly agreed to be interviewed.
Mr. Hill's Profile
He was a really nice and kind man.

Since June, the kids had been researching and thinking about questions such as:
- What is a community hero?
- What kind of work do they do?
- Is there anything we can do to help?
- How can we become community heroes?


To confirm our research and ideas, we decided to interview Mr. Hill.

It was 3am in Texas, USA, where Mr. Hill lives, but he kindly answered all the questions the children had prepared ahead of time.
It was a wonderful experience for the children!
Thank you, Mr. Hill!

Here are some of the questions the children had prepared for the interview.

- Are you still a drone pilot?
- Do you use a remote control?
- What if it crashes into your computer?
- Are you a type of police officer?
- How many drones do you have?
- Why do you have same one?
- Have you lost a drone?

Active learning is at the core of CGK Afterschool lessons, meaning that the focus is on activities where children take the initiative to learn, rather than learning passively.

This interview also provided us with valuable information that we couldn't learn from the Internet or from textbooks.
We were happy to see the children talking with and interviewing Mr. Hill by themselves, with minimal support from the teacher, giving them confidence and becoming a valuable experience that will benefit future learning.

After the interview, the kids started working on a final project.
They are preparing materials and practicing presentations about their chosen community hero.

We can't wait to see their completed presentations!

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