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English Online Lessons Part 1

Afterschool June 1, 2020

During the school holidays, CGK provided online lessons using Zoom.

Let's take a look at an Art lesson.

Each day, the children will learn about a new artist.
In the lesson they will draw their own pictures, trying to copy the artist's technique, and at the end of the lesson they present their work to the class.

Today they are learning about the Spanish artist Joan Miro.
The lesson started by watching a video to learn what kind of pictures he painted and about his other works of art.
We were also able to visit his art museum by using Google Earth!


The class enjoyed discussing their thoughts and opinions and they were asked questions like, "How do you feel when you see this picture?" and "Why did John Miro use this color?".

It was a very lively lesson, with the children eager to share their ideas.

Joan Miro used a technique called Automatic Drawing, or Automatism, to create his paintings.
The children copied this technique by letting their subconscious mind draw a continuous line and then coloring the resulting shape.

Afterwards, the lesson was divided into smaller groups.

●Group 1

●Group 2

●Group 3

Each group listened carefully to the teacher, Bobby, and created many fantastic pieces of art.

When they showed their finished artwork to their friends, they'd ask each other questions and give their opinions, such as, "Why did you use pink?" or "I like your shapes!".

After all the smaller groups had finished their projects, the class gathered all together again for a final review.

Together they talked about what they had thought about their Joan Miro-style artwork, what they enjoyed the most and what they had found challenging during today's lesson.

We heard many of the kids say, "It was fun!".

Each day we're seeing the children getting more and more used to online lessons. They're speaking up more, listening carefully to their friends when they speak and concentrating well during the lesson.
Each child showed amazing English proficiency and concentration, beyond what you'd expect of an average elementary school student.

We can't wait for the next lessons, once school resumes.

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