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"How can we create our own Pokemon world?"

Afterschool December 1, 2023

Today, we will introduce our afterschool lesson called Project Work.

Each project has a driving question and this project's question was "How can we open our own ice cream shop?" Students were discussing, researching and learning with friends and teachers through this question. One project continues for up to four months and teachers guide lesson based on students' interests. 

Here is a report from the teachers.



Week 1,2

Students began by choosing their project topic, and they collectively decided on Pokemon. This week was dedicated to explaining what Pokemon is and its global significance.


Week 3,4,5

The focus shifted to understanding Pokemon designs. Students learned that many Pokemon designs are inspired by real-life animals, objects, and people. They identified real-life inspirations for Pokemon designs and developed a deeper appreciation for their favorite creatures. In the following weeks, Students learned about Pokemon types and their design features, which served as a foundation for creating their own original Pokemon. They enjoyed a guessing game and designed their unique creatures.



Week 6,7

The class discussed Pokemon types and their significance in designing original Pokemon. The students then created Pokedex entries for their creatures, which included using AI to create artwork. They also developed a map for their original Pokemon region.


Week 8

Students continued expanding the original Pokemon universe by adding details to their created region, CGK. They focused on map elements such as landmarks, road networks, and a region logo, tying together the various aspects of their project.


Week 9

The class delved into the concept of Pokeballs and their various types. Students explored the lore behind them and created their own Pokeball designs, including names and lore. They then transitioned to creating 3D models of their custom Pokeballs using modeling clay. Throughout these weeks, students not only learned about Pokemon but actively engaged in the creative process, developing their own original Pokemon and building an imaginative Pokemon universe with unique regions, maps, and Pokeballs. 

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