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[Video] Presentation "Show and Tell" June 1, 2020

Afterschool June 3, 2020

Let's take a look at a CGK Afterschool lesson.

On the day, we had a Show and Tell presentation, where the children showed the class things they are good at.

Quite a few had made origami and we were amazed at how skilled they were and how each one had made something completely different!
They were a little shy answering questions from the teacher and their friends as they showed us what they had made, but they also seemed to have a lot of fun.

At CGK Afterschool, presentations are included as a way to develop self-expression.
Their English may not be perfect at times, but we believe the experience of expressing oneself and having that accepted by their friends and their teacher creates a valuable opportunity for them to further increase their self-esteem.

We are happy that CGK Afterschool can be a safe place for them to enjoy challenging themselves without the fear of failure or of making mistakes.

In this video, one of the children's expressions is used to teach an interesting English tip!
At CGK Afterschool, we are not opening textbooks to study grammar, instead we learn and absorb it naturally by spending time in an English environment.

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Graduated from a 4-year university in America, joined women's soccer team (National Champion).
After working in childcare and management at CGK Preschool and CGK Afterschool, she became the director of the entire CGK International School.

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