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[Video] Project Work "Science" / June 8, 2020

Afterschool June 12, 2020

Let's take a look at a CGK Afterschool Project Work lesson.

The day's subject is “Science”.
The theme is “Weather – Wind”.

In June and July, science lessons focus on the topic of weather.
We may be familiar with different types of weather, like when it's sunny, rainy and windy, etc., but why does it happen?
How is it possible to forecast the weather?
The children had a lot of questions, and we will answer them one by one over the coming lessons.

On this day, we were learning about how the wind blows, so we took wind gauges, or anemometers, that we actually made ourselves, to the park to measure the wind speed.


The teacher, Emily, explained how warm air rises and cold air flows into the area left behind, causing wind to blow.
Quite a few difficult technical words came up, such as equator, sphere and Antarctica, but they listened carefully and were able to understand their meaning.

Now it's time for each group to make their own anemometer.



They had a lot of fun working as a group, helping each other through trial and error. One friend would offer to help another, such as when a straw wouldn't pass through the cup or to make the hole big enough for the straw to pass through.

Now it's time to head to the park with our finished anemometers!


But things didn't go as planned...
The wind was blowing but the anemometer wouldn't turn well.
The children lifted their anemometers higher and gave them a turn, trying to catch the wind, but it still wouldn't turn as well as they would've liked.


They still had a lot of fun trying to catch the wind.
Even though it didn't go as well as we’d hoped, there were bigger smiles than usual and excited calls of "Why?", "Let's try this", etc.

The final review questions, too, won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

- How does the wind blow?
- How do anemometers work?

Several of the children used their own words to explain the answer to their friends, so it became a group learning experience.
It was pretty amazing to see first graders explaining what they had learned, using English such as "When this anemometer catches the air it will spin...."!
We're excited for future lessons and for the children's potential, after seeing how quickly and easily they absorbed new information.

Today we learned about wind.

In our upcoming lessons, too, we will keep thinking and learning all about the weather.

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