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"How can we create and run a successful YouTube channel?"

Afterschool November 29, 2023

Today, we will introduce our afterschool lesson called Project Work.

Each project has a driving question and this project's question was "How can we create and run a successful YouTube channel?" Students were discussing, researching and learning with friends and teachers through this question. One project continues for up to four months and teachers guide lesson based on students' interests. 

Here is a report from the teachers.


Week 1

Our YouTube journey started with a brainstorming session where students discussed what they believed made a YouTube channel successful. To gain inspiration, we explored the CGK YouTube channel, delving into the intricacies of video creation, such as descriptions, banner images, content, thumbnails, and titles. Students also shared their initial content ideas with the class for feedback.


Week 2

This week, we revisited the CGK YouTube channel to reinforce our understanding of the platform. Students delved into the world of proposals, not just for marriage but also for business. They began planning their YouTube content, submitting proposals for review. Approved proposals were given the green light, and students started creating their content, while those that required assistance received support.



Week 3,4,5

Students were fully immersed in their video projects. We witnessed progress in various areas: an original song was in the making, a game script was completed and recorded, and sports commentary was added to recorded footage. However, some groups needed guidance to efficiently collaborate on their Minecraft video project.


Week 6,7,8

A review session led to a renewed focus on video content. Students provided feedback on existing videos and emphasized the importance of including ample English dialogue. With renewed enthusiasm, they began filming more diverse content, spanning Minecraft, Kendama, trick shots, stop motion, magic, clay figures, painting, board game tutorials, and original piano songs.


Week 9,10,11

Students engaged in a lively debate to decide on a name for their YouTube channel. A controversial but humorously suggested name ultimately won by a narrow margin. This led to discussions about fairness, and the majority's choice was honored. Students continued generating exciting content ideas, filming a fun "CGK Party" video at the end of the class. In the following week, students meticulously refined their videos by choosing thumbnails, crafting descriptions, and determining titles. They then regrouped and worked on new content ideas, and successfully filmed a substantial amount.


Week 12,13,14

Despite facing challenges, students worked together to resolve differences. The class attempted to record a music video to "Beat It," paving the way for discussions on teamwork and finding solutions. Next week, students wrapped up their content and worked on additional projects for their last class. In a grand finale of week 14, students enjoyed a popcorn-fueled viewing of their presentation video. They then filled out reflection questionnaires, sharing their thoughts on the project. The journey from brainstorming to video creation was a testament to the students' creativity, teamwork, and resilience. Their YouTube channel now stands as a testament to their hard work and dedication.

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