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CGK and Yokohama Excellence Business Partnership Announcement

General October 5, 2023

CGK is pleased to announce the beginning of a working relationship with the Yokohama basketball team, Yokohama Excellence.

Yokohama Excellence competes in the B League’s third tier (B3), the professional men’s basketball league of Japan. Yokohama Excellence works hard on the court and also off it through its various programs and events within the community. CGK is proud to join Yokohama Excellence by becoming a member of their Excellence Business Club which strengthens our ties within our shared community.

Actively serving and participating in our community is vital and it also leads to creating a better learning environment for our students. At CGK, learning does not happen exclusively in the classroom as it also happens out of the classroom as well. By creating an environment and opportunities for children to learn and experience new things in and around CGK, our students can have first hand experiences within the community. As well, being in a community-minded environment leads to fostering a mindset within our students of thinking of others and the community as a whole.

CGK’s collaboration with Yokohama Excellence broadens our school’s community as well as providing new opportunities for our school and students. Equally important, it introduces our students and their families to the exciting world of basketball. Yokohama Excellence’s home games are played at Yokohama Budokan, a short walk from CGK. Nothing beats the experience of live entertainment and Excellence’s exciting home games are perfect for families and basketball fans.

The new B3 season begins in October and Excellence will have their first home games on October 16 and 17. Please join us in supporting Yokohama Excellence this season as they strive for success on the court as well as achieving success off it through their programs and events within the community.

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