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Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

Preschool February 2, 2023
One of the most popular toys that the children like to play with at CGK are Kapla blocks. These are simple and identical wooden blocks which allows children to create and experiment whilst using their imagination to build things.
Because each block is identical, it is easy for children from all three classes, with different levels of cognitive and motor skills development, to just pick up the blocks and play, without having to follow a strict set of rules or goals.
This type of play is called open-ended play because it allows the children to continually play, learn, and explore in many different ways. With friends or independently, the children experiment with their creativity, learn about using space, and go through trial and error to complete a task when they are playing with Kapla.
The result is that from minimalist blocks, the children can create just about anything that they can imagine, whether that be building their house or creating their own zoo. Through their play we want the children to also learn, develop their skills, and discover the world around them.

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John  -  Preschool Principal  (Australia)Australia

Vice principal of CGK International School. From Australia.
After studying Education at the University of New South Wales (Australia), over 10 years of teaching from kindergarten to high school in Japan. Entertainer.

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