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Earth Day

Preschool June 10, 2022

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to show and promote awareness for environmental protection. The students in Mountain (4-year-old) and Sky (5-year-old) class rolled up their sleeves and put on their gloves and joined the over one billion people across 193 countries who take part in Earth Day.

Through our curriculum, the students are encouraged to be aware of how we can live, share, and take care of the environment. To raise awareness about Earth Day, Mountain and Sky class had a brief lesson to discuss the importance and aim of the day. Also, we gave the children a quick refresher on what is recyclable and non-recyclable garbage. One of the ways that the students could directly contribute to Earth Day is by picking up the garbage around Sakuragicho station and Kitanaka park. We chose these areas because the students frequent both areas whilst at school or with their families so we want them to take part in the community around them. Armed with gloves and garbage bags, the students were off!

In the SDGs, the activity is related to 14 "Life Below Water," 11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities," and 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production."

Unfortunately there were a lot of garbage for the students to collect. But they were not deterred and instead were enthusiastic and efficient at collecting the garbage. All of us are members of our respective communities and we are responsible in taking care of this shared environment. The Mountain and Sky students demonstrated this and we look forward to their future involvements in their communities.

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