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In Fashion This Season

Preschool January 16, 2023

Mountain Class spent the past month being super creative and fashionable, channeling their inner Junya Watanabe, Calvin Klein, and Coco Chanel to design their own t-shirts.

Like all creative processes, the designing began with some research; the children looked at some clothes and talked about what they liked or didn’t like about them. Once the brainstorming was done, the children were given a big erasable canvas for them to lay down some ideas. We wanted the children to be comfortable to try different things and make changes not because they made a mistake, but because they wanted to fix or change something.

Once their drafts became clearer and finalised, it was time to make the final product. The children were each given their own white t-shirt to fill with their creativity and individuality, creating a super unique t-shirt. It is easy to say that everyone did their best (they did). But all the children truly expressed their creativity with the skills and imagination that they have. What were once ideas are now alive as the Mountain children take to the streets in their t-shirts that are definitely extra.

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