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Job Training "Architect" -Tour of Architectural Office Workplace-

Preschool September 21, 2021

The Sky (5-year-old) class has been learning about "architects" as part of their job training this month, and as part of the training, they visited "ondesign," an architectural firm located nearby.

The students were very interested in the miniature models of houses and local buildings in the office.


When we were also shown the work area, the blueprints and floor plans were spread out, and the students were able to understand through this experience what they meant, such as the location of bathtubs, closets, and sinks.


We also had an activity to decorate the floor and walls with masking tape as a hands-on experience for an upcoming event.



I am sure that they are more interested in learning more about "Architect" in the future, as they could see and hear about the actual office and the people who work there.

[Architectural firms that cooperated with us] ondesign


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