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LED Growing Farm Facility Visit - ICONIC STAGE

Preschool June 30, 2023

We, 5-year-old preschool students, went on a trip to the Iconic Stage located near Higashi-Hakuraku station from CGK International School by train! The children got to take the train, help buy train tickets, practice using an IC card, and wait patiently until we reached our destination.

電車に乗って馬車道駅から東白楽駅へ行くプリスクールの生徒達 電車に乗って馬車道駅から東白楽駅へ行くプリスクールの生徒達

We learned about how at Iconic Stage they farm indoors, without the use of sunlight or soil. Their secret: LED lights! After the lesson we got to try germinating lettuce seeds on a plastic/styrofoam holder, and looked at various pictures of the different stages of seed growth. We can expect them to be full grown lettuce leaves within two months which is pretty amazing.


After our lesson we were treated to pancakes in the restaurant downstairs! The students decorated the pancakes themselves with flowers and other vegetables, all grown within the facility. They had a great time eating them with their classmates!

パンケーキに自分たちでデコレートして食べたプリスクールの子どもたち パンケーキに自分たちでデコレートして食べたプリスクールの子どもたち パンケーキに自分たちでデコレートして食べたプリスクールの子どもたち

Thank you very much Iconic Stage for hosting us, and even having an English Speaking interpreter to translate the lesson in English.

(SustainuS 1F, 2-9-11 Nishi-Kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 221-0822)

ICONIC STAGE is located in a building in Higashi-Hakuraku, where they are developing confections and side dishes utilizing edible flowers, herbs, and leafy vegetables grown by hydroponic cultivation using LEDs, and offering them in their café and patisserie. The fresh ingredients are fully utilized in taste, color, and aroma to create original menus that delight the body and soul.

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