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Park Day 2022

Preschool June 16, 2022

At CGK Preschool, we had our very first Park Day, an event to cap off Family Week where we celebrate all the uniquely special families that are a part of our lives and CGK. Park Day is also a chance for all the families to meet our CGK staff and the other families whilst having a great day outdoors at the lovely Honmokusancho Park. That was the plan, except the weather did not acquiesce, cancelling our highly anticipated Family and Teacher Relay Race with a flash downpour.

Before that though, many families could meet each other, put faces to the names of teachers, and see their children play with their classmates. We want the children to have as many wonderful memories as they can have and we believe that we can achieve this by having the families share in these experiences as well. This is something that is important and not even the rain could ruin; in this case maybe the rain made it more memorable.

To all those who came to Park Day we would like to thank you for taking the time and braving the weather. We look forward to seeing you at our other CGK events this year.

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After studying Education at the University of New South Wales (Australia), over 10 years of teaching from kindergarten to high school in Japan. Entertainer.

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