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Jan 20, Coordisports Physical Education

Preschool April 19, 2023

Mr Shuhei comes to CGK Preschool every two weeks to lead his super fun P.E. lessons.
Each column will feature some insights or stories about physical development, reports for each P.E. lesson, and share some YouTube videos showing some physical activities that you can try at home with your child.

  • Commentary Article on Exercise

    Let's take a look at what Differentiation Ability means, the fifth of the seven coordination motor abilities. Differentiation Ability can mean the ability to freely handle tools and equipment as the person wishes. By developing this ability, the person will be able to skillfully control the distance, force, angle of different equipment, just as they wish to. Quite a while ago, there was a TV commercial with Tiger Woods. In it, he juggled a golf ball on his driver, then after bouncing it higher, he swung and hit the ball before it could hit the ground. It was an amazing demonstration of just how good Tiger Woods is at handling his driver. Also, in baseball, Ichiro was great at catching fly balls behind his back. An amazing example of someone who knows how to handle a baseball glove. Using equipment in unusual ways, like Wood's juggling or Ichiro's behind-the-back catches, can be a fun way to develop differentiation abilities! Enjoy finding new ways to use your equipment! Without damaging anything of course.

  • Jungle Class (3-year-olds) Activity Report

    Enjoy Heights
    Today's P.E. class was held indoors. We played ① 4 variations on the Rock-Paper-Scissors game and ② Mat and Bar Exercises. The Rock-Paper-Scissors game is played in pairs. Both the winner and the loser have a role to play in the game. For example, the winner sits with their legs out and the loser jumps over them. Or, the winner stands and makes a tunnel with their legs and the loser goes through them. Or, the winner might sit with their legs out and the loser takes hold of their legs and spins them around. Various movements are added to the classic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Seeing the children enjoy the game, even as things changed as we went along, was a sure sign they're growing and improving. Continuing on from a previous lesson, we did the "Balance Chair" exercise on the bar. But this time, after sitting on the bar, they then leaned backwards to hang upside down like a bat, and then touching the mat with their hands, they came down from the bar. Sitting up there, their line of sight becomes much higher and being able to make a turn at that height will eventually lead to doing forward rolls on the bar. Most of the children in the Jungle Class enjoyed being at that height, even though a higher view than usual can be a bit scary! The shortcut to improvement is to have fun. Enjoy the new sensation of being upside down and high up!

    (Reference) Ninja Moves, Balance Chair --> Hang like a bat. Exercises that lead to doing a forward roll on the bar.

  • Mountain Class (4-year-olds) Activity Report

    Focus on the Details
    P.E. was held indoors, due to the cold. The kids were full of energy, as usual, during today's P.E. class. Today we played the ① Rock-Paper-Scissors game and did ② Vaulting Box and Horizontal Bar exercises. The Rock-Paper-Scissors game is played in pairs and both the winner and the loser have a role to play. This time they were to do the wheelbarrow exercise. The winner in front, the loser behind. The loser takes hold of the winner's feet and both take 10 steps forward. The kids were very energetic because they had done it many times before. In the wheelbarrow exercise they learn to support the body with their arms by engaging their core, and this will help them learn to do handstands when they're older. When doing the wheelbarrow exercise, we encouraged them to be aware of keeping their core engaged and their body straight. Afterwards, they seemed to develop more awareness of their core and were able to keep their bodies straight, without letting their stomachs drop down. Giving clear suggestions, even with exercises they're familiar with, can make a big difference. Little by little, these improvements will lead to further growth. As the saying goes, "God is in the details". We will continue to focus on these details as the children grow.

  • Sky Class (5-year-olds) Activity Report

    Let's Try Things We Can't Do Yet
    Today's P.E. class was held indoors. We played the ① Rock-Paper-Scissors game and did ② Vaulting Box and Bar exercises and ③ Handstand Forward Rolls. The theme of today's Rock-Paper-Scissors game was "Ken Ken Hopping" and some rules of the game changed as we went along. The winner stands in front, the loser stands behind and holds one of the winner's feet. They both hop on one leg, while keeping the same rhythm, and go forward 10 hops. It becomes tricky if they lose their rhythm. So, they naturally began counting together as they hopped, "1,2,3,4...". Once they were used to this movement, they tried it in groups of threes. The middle child holds the front child's leg and the child at the back holds the middle child's foot. It helps to improve their balance. It's an exercise that can be done anywhere, so parents, give it a try with your child at home! On the vaulting box, we did closed-leg jumps like we did the last time. Being introduced to various movements like these at 5 or 6 years old will make it easier for them to adapt to different sports in elementary or Junior high school. Now is the time to lay the groundwork. Let's try all kinds of movements with the mindset, "It's ok if you can't do it at first!".

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