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IB PYP UOI (4-year-old) - Invitation to Play

Preschool June 13, 2024

Play Provocations: More Than Just Fun!

The week before last, the Mountain (4-year-old) students were introduced to a concept called a "Play Provocation."
While the children might describe it simply as "fun" (and it certainly was!), there's a lot more going on behind the scenes.

A Play Provocation is an activity designed to spark children's curiosity and creativity. It uses familiar materials in new and unexpected ways, encouraging them to explore, solve problems, and build new skills.

The Play Provocation from two weeks ago was all about transportation, tying into our upcoming Unit of Inquiry (UOI)! This focus on familiar themes helps children connect their learning to the real world, making it more engaging and meaningful.

Here's a peek into the different "stations" set up for the Play Provocation, each designed to explore different scientific concepts in a fun way:

What did the children have to say about what they enjoyed on the day?

“It was fun.”
“I liked playing with water.”
“I liked throwing airplanes! I was the winner!”
“I liked the sand, playing with heavy rocks and balancing scales!”
“I liked the kinetic sand, because we can make anything we like!”

By incorporating these scientific concepts into play, we not only provided fun but also helped the children develop a foundation for future learning. We were also able to observe their interests and current understanding of transportation, which will be valuable as we delve deeper into this topic during our UOI.

So, the next time your child describes an activity as "fun," remember, there's likely a lot of learning happening behind the scenes!

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