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CGK Preschool Park Day 2024

Preschool May 24, 2024

On Sunday, we had Park Day our first CGK preschool event for this school year. More than 350 students and family members gathered at Honmoku Sancho Park for some fun class games and friendly conversation. It was also the highlight for Family Week, where we celebrated all families at CGK.

After a super passionate all-school dance, our two campuses split for their respective activities. The Kannai campus classes (four and five year old) played a mixed-class treasure hunt game where you had to ask questions ("Do you like Harry Potter?" or "Are tomatoes your favourite food?"). If you could find the right teacher then you would get a stamp to solve the secret Treasure Hunt message: We are family! We also played games within our four and five year old classes.

Over on the other side, our three year olds played the timeless classic, Fruit Basket. Our Two year old classes played a ball game and a parachute game with some of their families.

The event concluded with the children presenting their handmade gifts to show their appreciation to their family and to celebrate family week at CGK.

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Preschool vice principal & lead teacher - age 4&5 at CGK International School.
After 4 years of studying early childhood education and psychology at university, worked as a nursery teacher for 3 years, and then studied abroad in Canada. Lived in Tronto, Canada for a total of five years and worked as a homeroom teacher in a local daycare for two years.

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