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See You on Zoom!

Preschool March 10, 2022

It’s been an unfortunate start to the year with COVID-19 at CGK Preschool keeping some of our classes at home. But all the children, families, and teachers did their best to have some fun and interesting online lessons.
It’s 2022 but a lot of the CGK friends seem to be living in 2032 with how they handled Zoom with no fuss! We had drawing and origami lessons, did some designing on props and working on their lines for the Spring Recital, and making craft to celebrate the recent Lunar New Year. We managed to pack in a lot in into these online lessons and the lessons flew by!

Everyone has been dealing with the global pandemic; as teachers, we have had to deal with how the pandemic has affected learning. One of the few things that is certain about the pandemic is that it has changed learning and all we can do is adapt and be prepared. But nothing can beat having lessons in person, though. For the teachers, we definitely miss the in-person interactions, the outdoor time, and the moments when we get to spend time with the children individually. Hopefully, the online lessons will be something that we won’t have to have that much. For now, we would like to thank everyone for their help during these online lessons.


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After studying Education at the University of New South Wales (Australia), over 10 years of teaching from kindergarten to high school in Japan. Entertainer.

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