• Bashamichi Campus
    Age 2 - Age 3
  • Kannai Campus
    Age 4 - Grade 12

Subsidy of 37,000 yen per month for "Free Early Childhood Education and Care"

Preschool April 1, 2022

The Free Early Childhood Education and Care program started in October 2019.
Our school, CGK International School, is also a childcare facility that complies with Japan's guidance and supervision standards for unlicensed childcare institutions (認可外保育施設指導監督基準*) and under certain conditions is eligible for a monthly subsidy of 37,000 yen.

*CGK meets all the regulations and has been awarded a guidance and supervision standards achievements certificate for six consecutive years since its founding without once being issued any written or verbal requests to alter its programs in order to meet the necessary standards.

For more information about procedures and details, please contact your local government.

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