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Short-term Study Abroad

Special Experiences Abroad

Studying Abroad from a Young Age

Students are studying abroad at increasingly younger ages. Even if it's only for a short period of time, the experience of living away from their parents and being in an environment that is very different from Japan helps children to grow strong and resilient.
From a young age they will develop diverse perspectives and values that will be required in the future. It will also provide an opportunity to become aware of the purpose of learning English and learning about other cultures.
Although a year abroad is required (*) for second year students at CGK Middle school from the summer, since there is a possibility they may struggle with homesickness, we recommend that students become accustomed to studying abroad for a short period beforehand.

* Let us know if you have special circumstances

Countries and Types of Programs

Study abroad programs in New Zealand and the United Kingdom are available. In the future we may introduce other countries.
Choose between short-term and long-term (one-year) programs (CGK Middle school students only), depending on the maturity and circumstances of your child.

Comparison Chart of Study Abroad Programs

Country Duration Compulsory/Optional Age Accompanied by Guardian VISA Accommodation Details
New Zealand 1 Year Compulsory (or 1 year in the UK) *Let us know if you have special circumstances 12 Years Old (From the Summer of Grade 7) Not Required (may be accompanied) Student Visa Homestay or Accompanied by a Guardian Study Abroad at Middle Schools in Different Areas of NZ
New Zealand About 4 Weeks (March-April / July-August) Optional 5-10 Years Old Required Not Required (NZeTA required) Hotel, Motel, etc. Short-term Study Abroad at Elementary Schools in Auckland
New Zealand 1 Week Optional 5-10 Years Old Required Not Required (NZeTA required) Motel Parent-child Overseas Inspection Tours (Auckland etc.)
United Kingdom 1 Year Compulsory (or 1 year in New Zealand) *Let us know if you have special circumstances 12 Years Old (From the Summer of Grade 7) N/A Student Visa Boarding Study Abroad at Boarding Middle Schools in Different Parts of the UK / Screening Required
United Kingdom Usually 2 to 6 Weeks Optional From 6 Years Old N/A No Prior Application Required Homestay or Boarding Various Types of Courses Available

Short-term study abroad program at a NZ elementary school (approximately 4 weeks)

This study-abroad program runs for approximately 4 weeks in March/April and July/August. The main feature of this program is that students are not placed in a group class with only international students at a local elementary school. Instead they are in a regular class with local students and attend classes following the same schedule. Students must be at least 5 years old to participate in this program and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Preschool or kindergarten for siblings under 5 years old could be arranged so please contact us for details.

Local Elementary School Introduction

Owairoa Primary School

This public elementary school is located in an upscale residential area called Howick, about 25 minutes by car from the center of Auckland.
The experienced staff in charge of international students provide support not only to students but also to their family. During the study period, parents can learn about New Zealand culture, customs, history, food, cooking, and many other topics in the parent's class.
The school has a buddy system*, whereby a student is assigned to take care of them. Even students who have never studied abroad before can attend the school safe and secure.
CGK plans to conduct the March-April and July-August 2024 programs at this elementary school.

*Buddy System: When studying abroad, it is very important to be able to get used to and enjoy the school. In the Buddy System, your child's "buddy" will act as their partner and provide them with a variety of support services to help them adjust to life at the school.