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April 2024

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April Showers Bring CGK Flowers

Welcome to the 2024/25 school year at CGK International School! We are happy to start our ninth year as we continue to grow as a school and community. Last year was our first year implementing IB into CGK and along the way we learnt a lot. The learning will continue this year as well since, one of the great things about IB is that it enables lifelong learning. As much as we are seeing the children showing emotional, intellectual, personal, and social growth, we also see it amongst the CGK staff as well.

Another major part of IB focuses on collaboration and respect. These are qualities that are highly valued regardless of culture or background. At CGK, we are committed to fostering a collaborative and respectful environment for all members of our school community, be it our staff, or the children and their families. We hope that this environment will lead to a successful and enriching school year for everyone.

We have a lot planned for this school year which you can find conveniently listed in the yearly calendar. The first event for the year is Park Day and it will held on Saturday May 19* at Honmoku Sancho Park. More information about Park Day will be posted later. We hope it will be a great day full of fun and games but also a chance to meet some new faces and catch up with the old ones.

* Please check the yearly calendar for the Park Day backup days.

Book in the Book Club

Another event to keep an eye out for is the Book Club. For those who are not familiar with Book Club or need a refresher, Book Club is a great way to purchase a wide variety of children’s books at a great price. As well, CGK will receive funds from the Book Club orders for us to purchase books for the school. There are many voracious readers at CGK so this is a fantastic opportunity to expand your personal library or the school’s.

The Book Club catalogue will be sent home mid-May so be sure not to miss it!

Sky (5 year olds)

New Year, New Adventures!

In the colorful world of Sky class, everyday holds new adventures for our little learners. As they embrace unfamiliar routines and settings, their boundless spirit and energy remain constants. April showers bring May flowers, and with each raindrop, we affirm our growth and resilience, teaching our young ones the beauty of patience, kindness, and perseverance. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of becoming a little older, a little bolder, and mastering tasks with determination and a sprinkle of giggles along the way. So, let’s bloom into brilliance and let the journey begin!

Hitting the Ground Running

Sky friends have lept into action with boundless enthusiasm as we embarked on our first Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are! They've been exploring the art of cultivating a balanced lifestyle within their daily routines, emphasizing the importance of nutritious foods and mindful lifestyle choices both in and out of the classroom. They've eagerly taken on classroom responsibilities, declaring them as “easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!” We're thrilled to witness their growth thus far and the strides they'll make throughout the year on their path to becoming more independent and thoughtful learners.

A fruitful year in Sky Class

Since April, Sky friends, now the eldest in the preschool, began their new school year with smiles full of anticipation. Many expressed their aspirations, such as, "Now that I'm in Sky Class, I want to try hard at jumping rope," or "I want to speak a lot of English!"

We cherish the curiosity, spirit of inquiry, and determination of the children as they explore questions like "Why is this like this?" or "I want to try it this way" in our daily activities in Sky Class. Throughout the year, we aim to nurture their ability to tackle challenges and seek solutions independently, even if there are conflicts or unexpected events with friends.

Over the course of this year leading up to graduation, we look forward to engaging with each child individually and ensuring that every day in Sky Class is fulfilling and meaningful. Thank you for your support.

Good Choices and Bad Choices

Sky friends are adept at applying what they learn directly to their own experiences.

Through opportunities to learn about global environmental issues via picture books, photos, and videos, the children in Sky Class discovered litter on the roadside during their outdoor walks and came up with the idea, "Let's pick up the litter to clean up the city!" They demonstrated an understanding that goes beyond simply picking up trash by considering "the negative effects of leaving litter on the ground."

"It's a bad choice to litter," they said. "If everyone makes good choices, the Earth will be cleaner and animals will be happier." Naturally integrating what they learned during the Unit of Inquiry (UOI) time, they grasped that our actions have consequences and responsibilities.

Previously, discussions on "Good choices/Bad choices" were held during UOI sessions covering nutrition and health topics. However, it was remarkable for Sky's teachers to witness the children engaging in discussions about "Good choices/Bad choices" regarding environmental issues in casual conversations. They were impressed by the children's ability to apply their learning in such a way.

Moving forward, Sky Class will continue to focus on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), encouraging children to not only notice litter in the city but also to think proactively about what they can do in their everyday lives to contribute positively to their environment.

Mountain A
(4 year olds)

A New Challenger Approaches!

  • Can you believe it? We've soared through our first month in Mountain, and oh, what an adventure it's been! Our little explorers are settling into our cozy classroom like seasoned pros, becoming fast friends and getting to know all of the Kannai campus teachers. From morning hellos to afternoon goodbyes, there's never a dull moment in the classroom. Learning how to share, take turns, and lend a helping hand and improve their ability to communicate and express themselves will be the focus of every month this year. So take your time, Mountain friends! We have an entire year to learn!

Who We Are

One of the recurring themes or units this year is the topic of Who We Are.

The students can use a variety of different mediums to express themselves, learn more about themselves and share who they are with their classmates!

We have recently started doing Show and Tell every Monday!

We are looking forward to everyone’s presentations!

Welcome to Mountain A Class!

Comparing to their nervous demeanor on the first day, the children in Mountain A Class have noticeably increased in smiles and interactions with each other and the teachers. With changes in the school building, teachers, class rules, and routines, they have adapted well to various transitions.

The change in school buildings may have altered their commuting and departure times from home, affecting their daily routines.

Times of difficulty present opportunities for "big changes"! It's also a chance for the children to grow significantly.

We aim to leverage these changes to foster independence among the children, encourage them to embrace new challenges, and cultivate a spirit of trying things they haven't done before!

Through these individual challenges, I hope they naturally develop a kind heart where they help each other along the way.

Lots of new parks!

With the relocation to the Kannai campus, we now have more parks available for outdoor activities.

We can still walk to the parks that Jungle class often visited, and we can also explore new parks.

Since everyone has become good at walking together, on sunny days, we want to go to various places and move our bodies a lot!

We look forward to finding out which park becomes everyone's favorite!

Mountain B
(4 year olds)

Welcome to Mountain Class!!

  • As we wrap up our first month on Mountain, it's clear that familiarity with our surroundings, routines, and each other is bringing forth more joy and smiles. We've already begun acquainting ourselves with our class pets - the crabs and silkworms - and have swiftly learned how to care for them. These class pets play a crucial role in instilling responsibility and empathy in the children, not to mention the hands-on scientific knowledge they'll gain. We can’t wait to see what fun and adventure this year brings.

Broadening Our Horizons...

Our Mountain friends have done a fantastic job of settling in to their new school environment.

Along with new classrooms and new classmates, the move to Kannai has meant new parks and new areas to explore!

A current favourite seems to be Zou No Hana park, but as our Mountain friends get stronger and walk further, we will be able to explore further afield, making the most of the beautiful spring weather!

A New Environment, New Classmates

The children bid farewell to the Bashamichi campus, where they spent a year as the Jungle class, and embraced their new status as Mountain students at the Kan'nai campus. On the first day as Mountain students, their faces showed a mix of excitement and nervousness as they arrived with a cheerful "Good morning!" It was heartwarming to see them relax upon seeing their friends, reflecting the strong bonds formed in the Jungle class.

Their caring nature was also evident as they kindly reassured new classmates who were feeling anxious, asking, "Are you okay?" and "Do you miss your mom?" This kindness showed their growing confidence as Mountain students, and it was truly reassuring to witness.

As we embark on this new school year, I am genuinely excited to learn and grow together with the children. We will support each child in exploring their interests and talents, ensuring it becomes a year of significant growth. Thank you for your continued support.

Everyone's Feelings

As the children advance to the Mountain class, they are currently in the process of building relationships with new classmates and teachers.

In Mountain B class, we are focusing on "feelings." There are many different kinds of feelings, but none of them are "wrong" to have. We are discussing how to feel better when experiencing negative emotions and how to share positive feelings with others when we feel good. The entire class is involved in these discussions.

Our goal is to create a class environment where everyone can be considerate and caring towards each other.

(3 year olds)

Welcome to CGK!

  • This year, we not only had many new students join us in Jungle class, but some familiar faces moved up from Ocean class.

    So congratulations to the old Ocean friends, and welcome to our new Jungle friends!

    For our first two Units of Inquiry, we’ll be looking at how to express ourselves through play and art. We’ll also look at who we are and how we are all the same and different at the same time.

    So we will be doing some fun activities and learning lots of new skills over the coming months which we look forward to sharing with you!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood...

Jungle Friends! Not only have we had some time to get used to our new school but we have also taken time to get outside and walk around the neighborhood. The first few trips took us around the block and to nearby places to stretch the legs and learn the rules.

Gradually we will go further and visit some exciting places, both on foot and by bus! We can’t wait to have lots of fun with our new Jungle friends!

Looking forward to a great time with everyone in Jungle Class!

Congratulations once again on your enrollment and advancement.

At first, the children showed signs of anxiety, but as they spend their days at CGK with teachers and friends, they are beginning to smile more. They eagerly anticipate upcoming activities, saying things like, "Next is snack time! I wonder what the snack will be?" The children are positively engaged and working hard at school.

Recently, we’ve been able to go outside for playtime, and the children are thrilled to move their bodies energetically.

I am very excited to create many wonderful memories with the children in Jungle Class. We are committed to fully supporting your precious children throughout the year. Thank you for your continued support!

What Color Do You Like?

This month, we focused on the "colors" that surround us, engaging in various activities. This aligns with our current IB Unit of Inquiry, "How We Express Ourselves."

For example, through activities such as finger painting and using colored cellophane, the children explored the textures of different materials and observed how colors change when mixed together.

The children were excited to make new discoveries, exclaiming, "The color changed!"

Additionally, they enjoyed expressing themselves by sharing their favorite colors while singing the song "What Color Do You Like?" They experienced the joy of expressing their preferences through words.

To deepen their understanding, we also conducted color-themed activities during English time. Please take the opportunity to explore colors together at home or during outings with your family!

Ocean A
(2 year olds)

Say Hello to Ocean A Friends!

Welcome to Ocean A class! We are very happy to welcome you all.

For the first month, Ocean A friends have been getting use to their new school environment. Each day everyone is gradually getting more familiar with teachers and friends. During circle times, It’s great to see some friends starting to sing-along to the songs that we have been singing and dancing too. We have been enjoying our days walking and having fun outside as well. Ocean A class are doing a wonderful job walking and holding hands together.

We look forward to all the exciting adventures this school year!

Easter Eggs and Easter Bags!

Ocean A friends have enjoyed exploring colours and shapes during our Easter week. We talked and sang about bunnies and Easter eggs. Ocean A had fun decorating their own Easter bags with stickers, painting, and drawing. In the mornings, Ocean A like clapping to the ‘B.U.N.N.Y song. Through these activities, children are able to explore and discover in their own way. They will start to be familiar with what colours they may like and how they can express themselves through these activities. Let’s keep exploring and discovering together!

Excitement and Anticipation, First Time at CGK!

A month has flown by since that first day filled with excitement and anticipation. There were moments of tears and confusion as the children experienced their first time away from their parents and adjusted to a new environment, but they are gradually getting used to life at CGK.

Now, they remember the names of their teachers and friends, and they have discovered the joy of spending time together, engaging in various activities with bright smiles!

The children in Ocean A are always curious and eager to enjoy everything to the fullest. Over the next year, we want to create a year filled with smiles as we experience tears, laughter, occasional disagreements, and various challenges together. It’s going to be an exciting journey! Thank you for your continued support throughout the year!

What Can We Discover?

  • April brings perfect weather for walks! Soon after joining, the children in Ocean A explored several parks and the area around the city hall. They eagerly pointed out and described everything they discovered, from the flowers in the flowerbeds to various vehicles. The flowerbeds around the city hall were particularly colorful, catching the interest of the Ocean A children. They enjoyed interacting with their teachers through pointing and discussing the colors. Sometimes, we even took a bus to visit parks that were too far to walk to. As soon as they saw the playground equipment, the children in Ocean A were excited and eager to try everything out.

    We look forward to many more outings with the adventurous and active children of Ocean A. It will be exciting to see what captures their attention and what challenges they embrace!

Ocean B
(2 year olds)

Look at What We’ve Found...

From different places around the world, with our different backgrounds, and our stories to tell, we’ve found a place, which we can call our second home.

We had a good start and as we move forward in this school year, let us create a loving, caring, and fun learning environment for everyone.

Ocean B, with humble hearts and open hands, WELCOME!

Every Day Is a Beautiful Day!

  • Ocean B Families! Everything is new and a first for everyone as we start going to school. We took time to build our relationships and connections with each other which was remarkable and rewarding. Through play, Circle Time, indoor and outdoor activities, lunch time, nap time, afternoon activities, we made everything beautiful each day. Surely, we will have a great school year together! Yiiiiiippppiiiieeeeeee!

First Time at CGK!

  • The first day of school was filled with excitement and anticipation! April was a month where we saw the children doing their best to adapt to the new environment. There were many questions about everything, from "What is in the room?" to "What symbol is on my locker?" We aim to support the children's curiosity by addressing their "Why?" questions with care and understanding. We hope that through interactions with many friends and teachers, the children will come to see CGK as a safe and enjoyable place. Let's create wonderful memories together over the next year!

Both the Room and Outdoors are Places to Play and Learn

  • Despite the nervousness of a new environment, the children are spending their time energetically in the classroom, enjoying songs and dancing to music during Japanese lessons. Their smiles are increasing day by day! This month, in step with the English lessons, we are exploring "colors." Although 2-year-olds are not part of the IB program, we incorporate IB elements by focusing on the children's interest in "colors." This not only helps with language acquisition but also nurtures their hearts through experiences of discovering their own preferences and those of their friends. We also go outside frequently, fostering a connection with nature and building their physical strength. We aim to fully enjoy the activities that the children love and grow together with them. Thank you for your continued support!

CGK Extra

It’s a new school year and we have new classes and some new members of staff join us. Here’s a quick guide to the the staff at CGK International School Preschool and everyone’s special skill:

Administration and Office Staff:

Mr Minoru (school president) - I am skilled at sleeping in a chair until morning...
Ms Saeda (school director) - Whenever I go to a shop or restaurant and it’s not busy, many people will come soon after and it will become busy.
Mr John (preschool principal) - I know all the words to Love You Only by Tokio.
Ms Reiko (preschool vice-principal) -I am very good at wrapping dumplings (gyoza).
Ms Hisae (preschool vice-principal) - Having cats come sit on my lap regardless where I am. And if I need to go to the toilet, then it can wait...
Ms Jun (office administrator) - I am really good at planning dinner menus for the week!
Ms Narisa (office administrator) - I used to be able to eat a lot and eating an extra serving was no problem. But I’ve lost that ability now...
Ms Mayu (office administrator) - If I go into a restaurant then it will be full soon after.
Ms Sayaka (office administrator) - All mosquitoes love me. If I stand outside with you for 5 minutes, I get 20 mosquito bites and you are safe.
Ms Yuka (office administrator)- I am good at growing plants and vegetables in my garden. Last year I harvested three large watermelons!
Ms Darby (IB PYP coordinator and elementary school principal) - I easily memorize lyrics, dances, and random science facts- but not always the ones I want! Mr Facundo (CGK PE teacher) - I can lift 150 kg in clean and jerk.

CGK Bashamichi Campus Teachers:

Mr Huw (Bashamichi lead teacher) - I can talk to birds. They don’t talk back or understand me but I can still talk to them.
Ms Leina (Ocean A homeroom teacher) - I love being active and at the moment always craving Thai food.
Ms Yukiko (Ocean A homeroom teacher) - I love sleeping, drinking coffee and enjoying with my family!!
Ms Nahoko (Ocean A team teacher) - I can get up without an alarm no matter how early in the morning.
Mr Mhar (Ocean B homeroom teacher)- I love reading books and writing free verse poems.
Ms Chieko (Ocean B homeroom teacher)- I love marine activities and playing in the snow!
Ms Yurika (Ocean B team teacher)- I love travelling and listening to music!
Mr Steven (Jungle homeroom teacher) - I’m pretty good at lifting heavy stuff, especially while listening to heavy metal.
Ms Riko (Jungle homeroom teacher)- I enjoy handcraft, cooking, and travelling! I also love Disney.
Ms Adi (Jungle team teacher) - I love cooking but I can’t guarantee if it’s any good... If you ever had a chance to try it, use your own discretion!!
Ms Brandi (Bashamichi floater teacher)- I love coffee and listening to music. I can fall asleep no matter how noisy or caffeinated!

CGK Kannai Campus Teachers:

Mr Lam (Mountain A homeroom teacher) - I am only good at solving Rubik’s cubes!
Ms Taeko (Mountain A homeroom teacher) - I am good at skiing. I used to go skiing every weekend.
Ms Lois (Mountain A team teacher) - I can do circus silk acrobatics!
Ms Renae (Mountain B homeroom teacher) - I love being outside and I’m not scared of bugs and small creatures.
Ms Monami (Mountain B homeroom teacher) - I paint my own nails and can sleep whenever and wherever I want!
Ms Nina (Mountain B team teacher) - I can do a pretty good Scottish accent (for an English woman!)
Ms Kanoe (Sky homeroom teacher) - I seem to have a natural talent for drawing mosquitoes (and other annoying bugs) to me.
Ms Maya (Sky homeroom teacher) - No matter how many hours I can sit and wait at Tokyo Disney Resort for the parades and shows!
Ms Emily (Sky team teacher) - I love to canoe!
Ms Arisa (Kannai floater teacher) - I’m good at remembering dance moves. I used to have a dance group with my friends♪
Ms Mariko (Kannai floater teacher) - I love exploring different cuisines around the world!
Mr Blake (Kannai floater teacher)- I’m good at cooking and eating a lot of food.

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