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"How can we create our mini-Olympics ?"

Afterschool December 4, 2023

Today, we will introduce our afterschool lesson called Project Work.

Each project has a driving question and this project's question was "How can we create our mini-Olympics?" Students were discussing, researching and learning with friends and teachers through this question. One project continues for up to four months and teachers guide lesson based on students' interests. 

Here is a report from the teachers.


Week 1,2

Our Mini-Olympics journey began with an exploration of the grandeur of the Olympics. We introduced the concept of opening ceremonies, torch relays, and the diverse range of sports showcased at the Olympics. Students were given a creative task: to propose a new Olympic game. Their ideas ranged from inventive new sports to unique combinations of existing ones. In the following weeks, we would delve deeper into the history of the Olympics and explore the torch relay, broadening our project's scope.


Week 3,4

The torch relay became a central part of our Mini-Olympics project. Students explored various torch designs, each group creating their unique version. This marked the start of a creative journey as we let our imagination run wild. After finalizing the torch designs, we turned our attention to planning a route for the torch relay.


Week 5 to 8

With extensive planning, we laid out the blueprint for our torch relay. Using timeline worksheets, students drew up their ideas for each shot. We embarked on filming our torch relay journey, capturing exciting moments from various locations within CGK. The process involved some ups and downs, but we eventually completed the filming.


Week 9,10

We shifted our focus to the games portion of our Mini-Olympics project. After watching videos of Olympic sports, students chose a game they wanted to play. Expectations were set, with everyone participating in some capacity. Finally, it was time for our Olympic soccer match. The boys emerged victorious, and we filmed celebrations and interviews.


Week 11,12,13

The spirit of the Olympics came alive as we organized a medal ceremony. We watched videos for inspiration and then split into teams to create podiums and flowers, choosing national anthems for added authenticity. In the final week, we filmed a dance performance and Kendama show. Our Mini-Olympics project concluded with a spectacular makeshift fireworks show, marking a memorable end to our journey.


Week 14

As the term came to a close, we gathered to watch our presentation video while enjoying some popcorn. Afterward, students shared their feedback, and we wrapped it up with a mini-presentation. It was a fitting end to a project that showcased creativity, teamwork, and a true Olympic spirit.

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