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Regatta de CGK

Preschool 2016.07.03

June was an exciting month for all of us at Cosmo Global Kids! In addition to our other studies, we also got a sampling of Italian culture. We discussed some of the basic foods and keywords related to Italy, and even got to enjoy a few Italian-style lunches. To wrap up our studies, we decided to test our vocabulary and athletic abilities with an “Italian” boat race!


In Italy, during the month of June in the city of Pisa, there is a traditional boat race called the Regatta de San Ranieri. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go there ourselves to witness the event, but we wanted to have a boat race of our own. So, we hopped on our imaginary airplanes and sped across the invisible oceans leading to the hall, where our racing boats awaited us!

Racing was certainly hard work! We had to use our arms as oars, and some of us got very tired. But everyone had fun! Even after four races, all of our racers still wanted to continue!


Once our champions had been determined, we all headed back to class to make some Italian-style pizzas before lunch. We discussed the shapes and colors of Italian pizza. Who knew pizzas could be rectangle-shaped, too?!


Everyone put in a lot of effort into the Regatta and pizza-making activities, and the results were fabulous. Great job everyone! Ciao!

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