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Catholic Church Visit

Preschool August 5, 2016

On July 14th 2016 our 2 year old class visited a local Catholic Church as part of our Multi-Cultural Studies program featuring the country and culture from Spain this month.

bus church

church church

The student we all very surprised about how big the church was and really liked the unusual shape of the building; the steeple was three or four stories tall. The church also had many beautiful stained glass windows. Later back at Cosmo Global Kids the student made their own stained glass windows using colored tissue paper and lamination sheets. The students got to sit in the pews, special benches, and see how people prayed at them using special knee rests. Also during the field trip we were able to see the large pipe organ, which was so amazing because of how big it was. Unfortunately, we were not able to play the pipe organ or have anyone play it for us at the time.

After the tour inside finished we all took a picture outside with everyone and then looked at the garden next to the church while we waited for the bus to come. There were so many different flowers and insects to see, one teacher even found a slug to show the students.

When everyone returned to CGK we continued the Multi-Cultural Studies and watched a video of a person playing a pipe organ to learn about how it is different than a piano and has so many feet keys.

The field trip was really fun and it was great that the students got a chance to see something most children in Japan will never see or learn about!

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