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Our First Fire Evacuation Drill

Preschool 2016.05.22

Our top priority at Cosmo Global Kids is our students’ safety and well-being. As staff, we take every measure possible to make sure we are prepared for any scenario which might jeopardize the safety of the precious children in our care.

But safety goes beyond our own knowledge. We believe it is just as important that the children know how to react in hazardous situations. By instilling prior knowledge, our belief is that our students will be prepared should any natural disaster befall, no matter how young they are. And our kids are certainly following our drills with flying colors!

This month at Cosmo Global Kids, we talked about fire safety. Our main focus was remembering the basics for evacuating the building in case of a fire. We talked about the basic steps with the children: no running, no pushing, no talking, no going back!

evacuation-drill evacuation-drill

Our kids listened with attentive ears and eyes as the steps were outlined for them in story format.

Following the basic instructions, we had our first fire drill. Remembering the basic steps, the students quickly and quietly filed out of the room and out the escape exit. Some of them even managed to duck while walking, and everyone covered their faces with their hands to avoid inhaling any invisible smoke.


Once we made it outside the building and to our safety zone, the kids once again paid close attention to the teachers as we reviewed the lesson. Without any problems and with nods of affirmation, everyone filed back inside We have seen again and again how our students manage to maintain composure in the midst of these drills. We could not be more proud! Our students are well on their way to being fully prepared for anything despite their young age. Why? Because safety is number one at Cosmo Global Kids!

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