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Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip- on May 12th(Sat)

Preschool 2018.05.22
On May 12, 2018 CGK had their annual field trip at Monkey Island in Yokosuka. This year the class size and number of students grew tremendously, so there were a lot of meet and greet to be done between parents, teachers, and students. We had most of the Mountain, Jungle, and Ocean students and parents join us for the great festivity that is held every year. This year the weather was phenomenal, with clear sunny skies with warm temperatures, great for a swim in the ocean. Monkey Island was a popular destination for family and friends to barbeque, relax, and hike.

To start off our festivities we began with a delicious BBQ prepared by the teachers and staff members at CGK. We had chicken, beef, pork, noodles, and fresh vegetables, which was practically like a feast for all to enjoy. The parents also brought food to share and helped BBQ. They were a great help and their assistance was greatly appreciated.

Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip- Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip- Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip- Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip- Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip-

After indulging ourselves with the appetizing foods, we took a walk through Monkey Island. It was a great adventure to get out of the hot sun and into the shade of greenery. The walk was very peaceful and the students and parents had a lot of fun trekking through caves and seeing the green scenery. Some parents and students got very excited and lead the way for all.

Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip- Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip-

The annual field trip is a great way to start the new school year with new and old friends. The parents had a lot of fun conversing with teachers about their children and just getting to know one another. The students had a great time, from taking a dip in the water to having a snack party in their tents. We hope to have another great event that can be cherished forever the next school year.

Monkey Island BBQ -Field Trip-


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