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Halloween Event 2021

Preschool November 2, 2021

Halloween Event was held at CGK International School on October 29.
From the morning, they looked at each other's costumes and said "So cool!" and "So cute♪" with great excitement.


The weather was fine, and in the morning we walked around the neighborhood and trick-or-treated, receiving lots of snacks in our Halloween bags that they had made themselves.




In the afternoon, children decorated pumpkin pudding, a special dessert made by Primo, an Italian restaurant with which CGK has a food education partnership, with cocoa using Halloween stencil sheets.


At the end of the event, all classes gathered together for a fashion show.
Although a bit shy, they showed off their favorite Halloween costumes.



[For those who cooperate with the Trick or Treat event】
Trattoria Da Kenzo

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