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Our First Tsunami Drill

Preschool 2016.06.22

It's time again for another emergency drill update from Cosmo Global Kids!

Last week we had our first tsunami evacuation drill, and our students did an absolutely excellent job!

First, we talked about what a tsunami is. Our students listened with rapt attention as the lesson was relayed in both English and Japanese. We discussed the dangers of the tsunami, and how to escape quickly.

evacuation drill

After reviewing the basic procedures, we sounded the alarm! At the sound of the siren, naturally a few of our students were rather concerned. But despite their fears, they bravely formed a line and marched quickly up to the top floor of our building.

evacuation drill

After resting a bit and calming down, we took role and discussed once more what a tsunami is and why the drill is important. Then we headed back to class for more fun, all the more eager and feeling much more prepared.

Great job, class!

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