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Oct 7, Coordisports P.E. Report

Preschool October 25, 2022

Mr Shuhei comes to CGK Preschool every two weeks to lead his super fun PE lessons.
Each column will feature some insights or stories about physical development, reports for each PE lesson, and share some YouTube videos showing some physical activities that you can try at home with your child.

  • Expert Column

    In my previous column, I introduced 36 basic movements that was developed by Dr. Kazuhiko Nakamura of the University of Yamanashi as a basis for creating movement. This time, I would like to talk about why it is better to experience a variety of movements during childhood. Results of annual physical fitness tests conducted for elementary and junior high school students have shown a significant decline in their physical fitness. Nakamura cites that there is a regression of various movements as the cause of this decline. He believes that the rate of movement acquisition among 7–8-year-olds today is equivalent to that of 5-year-olds 20 years ago. For example, every day movements such as folding a futon and putting it in a closet or climbing stairs have decreased. Life has become more convenient, and the number of every day movements has decreased. The accumulation of these changes is reflected in the results of physical fitness tests for elementary and junior high school students today. The important thing is to incorporate exercise into daily life. Examples could be simple every day tasks such as taking the stairs with your child, walking to the station, or carrying heavy luggage by hand. A little goes a long way to improving children's physical fitness. In my later columns, I will talk about what kind of exercises to start with, based on the concept of coordination training.

  • Jungle (3-year-old) Class Lesson Report

    【The important thing is to keep the back of your head on the mat.】
    Due to inclement weather, PE was held indoors. The activities were (1) tunnel diving game and (2) mat and steel bar exercises. In the tunnel diving game, a child stands and spreads their legs to create a tunnel. Other children go through the tunnel, but they must not hit the tunnel as they pass through. By moving forward from head to toe and being careful not to touch their friends, the children are encouraged to think about where their feet are and the position of their hips. In order to control our body freely, we must first know how our body is moving. Playing such games can help us learn and make it fun. In the mat exercise that followed, we did forward rolls with our hands in the shape of rock-paper-scissors. The most important part of the forward roll is to keep the back of the head on the mat. This allows the children to roll smoothly. Where possible, please try it at home.

    [Video] Rocks Papers Scissors Forward Roll|The important thing is to keep the back of the head on the mat.
  • Mountain (4-year-old) Class Lesson Report

    【Choose by yourself.】
    This week's PE was held indoors. We had (1) ladder and (2) mat and iron bar exercises. The ladder exercise is conducted to help the children move their body freely. Participants run while placing their feet inside the rings, that are lined up vertically, whilst not stepping on them. This time, we performed (1) 1 square 1 step, (2) 1 square 2 steps sideways, (3) 1 square 2 steps facing the opposite direction, (4) 1 square 2 steps forward, and (5) 1 square 2 steps inside and outside forward. The children sometimes stepped on the rings. But by taking care of each step, they gradually became able to progress without stepping on them. The ladder is a visible way for the children to see their gradual progress and as such a popular exercise for the children. In the mat exercise that followed, the children performed a backwards roll. Since we have done this backwards roll several times in the past, this time I gave them the choice of using a mat with or without a slope. The mat with a slope is easier to because the children can generate more momentum. The children made their own choices based on their reflection of their own abilities and confidence. By making their own choices, they become more motivated. I will continue to encourage them to make their own choices and increase their motivation!

    [Video] If you can turn on your own, stand on your feet.
  • Sky (5-year-old) Class Lesson Report

    【More important than 10 jumping boxes】
    In this PE, the focus was on vaulting/bar exercises. In the bar exercises, the participants chose the moves they wanted to practice. The jumping jacks were divided into two teams, one for 3 and 4 steps and the other for 5 and 6 steps. I always remind the children that because they can jump to the highest it isn't their ultimate achievement. Similarly, it doesn't matter if they can only jump the lowest. What is important is to better their previous achievement. Thinking about what and how they can better their previous achievements helps. It will not mean much if they can vault over 10 jumping boxes when they the real world. Through PE, we want them to obtain transdiscplinary skills to help them lead a joyful life! In the upcoming PE lessons, we will be working on the skills that they will be using on Sports Day. It may be nerve-wracking to show their skills in front of an audience. But it is also an important experience for then. Please look forward to the children's Sports Day!

    [Video] Open leg jump. Throws. How to jump neatly

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