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Oct 21, Coordisports P.E. Report

Preschool November 14, 2022

Mr Shuhei comes to CGK Preschool every two weeks to lead his super fun PE lessons.
Each column will feature some insights or stories about physical development, reports for each PE lesson, and share some YouTube videos showing some physical activities that you can try at home with your child.

  • Expert Column

    In the previous column, we discussed that the cause of children's decline in physical fitness is that they have not yet learned how to move. In the next few articles, I would like to discuss what kind of movements they should actually master. Coordination training theory has a concept called the seven abilities. Coordination means to coordinate these abilities. The seven abilities are balance, reaction, rhythmization, localization, differentiation, transformation, and linkage, but they do not exist independently. The most basic ability, balance, is like the foundation of a house. A fine house cannot be built on a rickety foundation. Therefore, it is important to have good balance first. On top of the foundation, there are four pillars: rhythmic ability, reaction ability, localization ability, and differentiation ability. As the roof on the pillars, there is conversion ability and connection ability. You can see the importance of working on balance, which is the basis of all movement, in early childhood. If you can adjust accurately and quickly to the situation during exercise, you have good motor skills.

  • Jungle (3-year-old) Class Lesson Report

    【Let's understand the run through with a dash of newspaper.】
    Under pleasant autumn weather, the children played (1) tag, (2) ice tag, and (3) sprint at the park. Since the last outdoor tag game, the children have already understood the idea of running away from the demons (the chaser) that are nearby. This time, we raised the difficulty level in ice tag. If a child is touched by an demon, they are frozen and cannot escape. However, if a child who has not been touched by the demon touches the frozen child, the ice melts and the child is free to move again. For some children, escaping from an adult chasing them can be frightening. In ice tag, if they can understand that they can get help from other children, they will be able to enjoy playing tag. I feel that we were able to convey this enjoyment. In the sprints, some children stopped before the goal tape. So, we told them to run through the goal tape. The exercise of running through the goal tape can be easier understood by playing newspaper dash, which is introduced in the video below. So please try playing newspaper dash at home as well.

    [Video] Newspaper Dash – to keep running past the goal.
  • Mountain (4-year-old) Class Lesson Report

    【Exercise throwing ability with a rolled-up bib.】
    This PE lesson was held in the park when the morning weather was a bit chilly. We played dodgeball which is a part of the Sports Day activities. Before the game, we practiced throwing using a rolled-up bib. As they threw the bib up, the children had to clap a certain number of times before catching the bib. In addition to just clapping, there were variations where the children had to touch their heads or clap between their legs before catching the falling bib. In addition, I gave the children a key piece of advice: hold the bib in one hand and hold it next to your face before throwing. Throwing is a very difficult movement that combines various body movements such as grabbing, taking one step forward with the foot and twisting the waist. The shoulder, elbow, and wrist also interlock together, and it is not a natural movement that we do in our daily lives. Therefore, you can work on your throwing ability by devising a way to do it at home. For example, you can use a rolled-up towel which you can then do throwing practices safely at home. Please enjoy watching the video for more throwing ideas.

    [Video] Throwing practice using a rolled-up towel.
  • Sky (5-year-old) Class Lesson Report

    【Good crops come from good soil.】
    PE was conducted in the park under a clear autumn sky that made us sweat after a little exercise. We played (1) short rope and (2) bomb game using a ball. In the short jump rope game, we varied the way of jumping with our legs closed and opened while jumping forward. If children are struggling with completing a task, not only in exercise, I recommend making small changes. Just by changing the way of jumping, children are stimulated by the new challenge even if it is the same jump. In addition, we conducted cross jumps drills and looked at the movement that is needed. Instead of performing cross jumps out of the blue, we learnt how to move the body for cross jumps through other exercises. It is said that in order to grow good crops, it is important to prepare good soil. The same is true for exercise; the first step is to prepare the groundwork. With a jump rope, hold both handles in one hand and turn them on the side without jumping. This movement is laying the groundwork because it is similar to the way the arms move in cross jumps. In order to achieve your goal, you must first lay the groundwork. Please try practicing this at home.

    [Video] Short Rope|Cross jump practice by turning the rope sideways.

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