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It's Not Goodbye But See You Later (Alligator!)

Preschool April 6, 2022

And so it has come for our 2022 Sky Class to graduate from CGK International School. Some of them have been with us since they were two whilst others joined us later on. But each of them have left a big impression on everyone at CGK. We were lucky to be able to be with them on a daily basis and help them as they begin their journey in finding their place in this world. We would like to thank all the families of this graduating class for entrusting us with your children. We are grateful for your constant support for us and the school. The future needs better leaders, thinkers, and doers. May they be found in our graduating class of 2022.

  • Mr Minoru – Congratulations on your graduation. Think globally, act locally! I hope CGK was a big help for you to broaden your view and future opportunities. See you!
  • Ms Reiko – Find something you like or have a passion for and enjoy it.
  • Ms Hisae – I will miss you guys so much…but I’m happy that all of you will be cool elementary school students. I am so proud of everyone, come visit us sometime!
  • Mr Russell – Learn the rules and then break them. Make a mess and clean it up. Keep it cool and keep asking questions. Never be afraid of making mistakes. I’ll miss you!!!
  • Mr John – Whether you become an Olympic swimmer, a professional soccer player, the prime minster of Japan, a CGK teacher, or a ramen chef, just remember Mr John.
  • Ms Nahoko – I hope you have a wonderful future.
  • Mr Shingo – Don’t think about what you want to be. But think about what you want to do!
  • Mr Huw – Goodbye, Class of ‘22! I hope to see you again at Afterschool. Work hard and believe in yourselves!
  • Ms Yumi – Happy graduation and all the best for your future! Thank you, Sky friends!
  • Mr Lam – Don’t give up, don’t pack it in. If you try and try then you will win!
  • Mr Dan - You made me laugh so much everyday! Good luck for the future and if you try your best, you can be whatever you want to be.
  • Ms Heather – I’m so thankful to have gotten to know each and every one of you! You are all amazing, creative, and super cool. Take care and good luck!
  • Ms Riko - Keep up the good work and see you again! Thank you, Sky friends!
  • Ms Jun – Thank you for making me happy every day 🙂 Come visit CGK soon!
  • Ms Narisa – Hope to see you at Afterschool soon! Or stop by CGK and say hi 😉




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