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Sweet Potato Digging by Jungle Class

Preschool October 14, 2021

The other day, the Jungle class (3-year-old class) at CGK International School went digging for sweet potatoes as a food education activity.

It was also the first time for the Jungle class to go away on a school bus.
They were also happy to ride on the highway, and I could see how excited they were when they said "Are we already on the highway? "Are we at the farm yet?"
With the cooperation of the farmers who have helped the school in previous years, the potato digging began.

As the farmer taught us, the students removed the soil around the vines with their hands to reveal the sweet potatoes, then pull them to the surface!


The way it is stuck is just like in the picture book "The Big Turnip".

When they finally pulled out the sweet potatoes, they were amazed! A huge, heavy sweet potato had emerged!



The student's surprise and joy could be heard everywhere.
Seeing the sweet potatoes they had dug up, the Jungle class was even more eager to get more sweet potatoes, not minding that they were covered in mud.

Jungle Class is very happy with the yield and weight this year!

They were also taken home as souvenirs and cooked deliciously by their parents.


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