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Thanksgiving Day 2021

Preschool December 7, 2021

American Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of November.
Like most people who celebrate it, at CGK Preschool we celebrated Thanksgiving by cooking a big Thanksgiving lunch and enjoying it together.


On the menu for our Thanksgiving lunch was roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. The teachers assisted wherever adult supervision was required.
But on the whole, everything about preparing the Thanksgiving lunch was student-led: from shopping for ingredients (and taking the big and heavy bags of shopping back to school), to preparing the ingredients, and serving the lunches.

At CGK we teach the children about food education so that they know that food is not simply something that one consumes. In preparing for the Thanksgiving lunch, it was a great opportunity for the children to take part and learn about different aspects of food. The children also learnt about cooking etiquette and how to handle cooking utensils, knowledge that would hopefully they will use for life.

Of course the most important and most fun part of food is eating and sharing it with people! All three classes were able to enjoy a great Thanksgiving lunch with each other.
The older children took the opportunity to look after Jungle, our youngest class, by serving them their Thanksgiving lunches. It is easy to overlook the significance and meaning of holidays. But after lunch, the children took time to reflect on what they were thankful for and made cards to express their thanks to their parents.


For those who celebrate American Thanksgiving, we hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. And for everyone, we hope that there are a lot that you are thankful for.

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