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The Sky is the Limit

Preschool November 14, 2022
Sky class (5-year-old class) recently took a trip to the 69th floor of The Landmark Tower Yokohama to see Yokohama from a very different perspective; from the second tallest building in Japan, you do get a different perspective.

CGK International School is located in the very center of Yokohama, in Naka-ku, Yokohama City, and it was interesting to see the children slowly recognise and spot familiar buildings such as City Hall, CGK, and all the parks we visit. Their grasp of the concept of distance varies a lot though; Kishamichi Park is a lot further away than we all thought.

The children took advantage of such a great vantage point by drawing sketches of the cityscape below them. They will then implement the various elements of architecture and city planning that they observed and sketched into their next job training: city planner.

In city planner, they will be looking at such things as urban planning and landscape architecture. May the city of Yokohama inspire them to design their own wonderful city!

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