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[Video] English Online Lessons Part 2

Afterschool June 16, 2020

During the school holidays, CGK provided online lessons.
(The school resumed from June 1st)

Let's take a look at a science lesson.

*Last time, we introduced an online art lesson, so please check this out if you're interested.

On this day, we learned about the ocean and experimented with salt water and fresh water.

Most of the children are still in the first grade but they did really well listening to the teacher, asking questions when they didn't understand and enthusiastically participating in the lesson.

Thanks also goes to the parents support for helping make the online lesson a success.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

In an online lesson, even with the parents help, it's not always easy to hear and follow the teacher's instructions.
But we could see how much the children had grown by the way they listened, concentrated and understood the lesson!

The experiments with sea and fresh water were very simple, but we went into some depth about the differences in density, and we learnt a new word, "dense".

After the school holidays ended, the kids returned to CGK Afterschool, where their curiosity and interests are encouraged and cultivated by high-level inquiry activities, such as carrying out experiments and creating things.

We will continue to feature lessons on our social media accounts so keep an eye out for our next post!


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