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May 2024

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Park Day 2024

What a great day Park Day was! Thank you to everyone who came to Honmoku Sancho Park to have lots of fun with us. We definitely did a lot with the great weather and had lots fun with our class activities. That was half the fun of the day but the other half was made up of the important social time: It was great to see a mixture of old faces and new ones as our new families in Ocean (2-year-olds) and Jungle (3-year-olds) met everyone at CGK for the very first time. CGK continues to grow and so we grow together. Here's to more great times and interactions with everyone throughout the school year.

CGK Preschool Park Day 2024 (EN)
CGKプリスクール 〜パークデイ2024〜 (JA)

PO and PTC: What Are These?

The first round of Parents Observations (PO) and Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) are coming up in June and July for Kannai and Bashamichi campus respectively. This year, the Sky (5-year-olds) and Mountain (4-year-olds) classes' PO will be held in person. For Jungle (3-year-olds) and Ocean (2-year-olds) classes, the PO will be streamed online. Following the PO, there will also be discussion time with your child's classroom teachers, an IB information session with Ms Darby and Ms Saeda, and a super fun and relaxed parents social to round out a jam packed day. In the same week as your child's PO, we will have the PTC. These conferences are a great chance to discuss about your child's progress at school and at home and ask any questions that you may have about their school life. Please check the Toddle Announcements for the dates for your child’s class and all other related information.

Mr John

CGK Awards

Welcome to the world renowned, highly respected, and much revered CGK Awards! Each month we would like to highlight the children from each class who have displayed qualities that are part of the IB Learners’ Profile. These are qualities that we want our children to have and to share with the world. With that, the recipients of the CGK Achievement Award for May are:

Jungle (3-year-olds)

K. - for being a good role model and a great communicator who always tries to use English.

L. - for being caring to teachers and sharing with friends and being open-minded to new challenges.

L. - for being a risk-taker and demonstrating great strength by not crying when she gets hurt.

Mountain A (4-year-olds)

Y. - for being a strong communicator and showing a bright and positive attitude throughout the year.

S. - for thinking carefully about his choices during school time and keeping a strong balance between work and play.

Mountain B (4-year-olds)

G. - for being knowledgeable and demonstrating his knowledge of English by using it a lot.

I. - for being curious and always asking questions.

Sky (5-year-olds)

I. - for demonstrating leadership skills and taking the initiative to assist teachers and friends with things beyond her own classroom duties.

M. - for being caring by helping friends solve problems and sharing classroom duties with others.

Congratulations to this month’s recipients. Keep on sharing your awesomeness with the world!

Sky (5 year olds)

Park-tastic Adventures: A Day for Family Fun!

Park Day: where laughter echoes, memories blossom, and every moment is a little adventure. Park Day this year was an absolute blast! The highlight of the day was our treasure hunt, where all of Kannai Campus families participated as one. It was wonderful to see families mingling, chatting, and getting to know each other better. Watching parents and children team up, eagerly asking the teachers questions, and working together to find different clues was heartwarming. The excitement and collaboration were contagious!

Sky Class added an extra layer of fun with a parent-only game involving water balloons. Seeing the parents get involved, laugh, and enjoy themselves was also a delight. It truly made the day special, showcasing the strong sense of community and the joy of shared experiences. Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with laughter, teamwork, and unforgettable memories.

Ms. Kanoe

Writing: Practice Makes Perfect

In Sky class, the excitement of the new academic year is amplified by introducing new learning centers focused on English writing practice and literacy. We use a variety of engaging activities during learning centers, such as writing books (created by the teachers to be a perfect fit for all Sky friends), literacy centers to help promote reading through SATPIN phonics and sight words, and weekly journaling. This early exposure to writing not only enhances their future academic success and fosters a love for language and communication in English.

Ms. Emily

New UOI: The Beginning of an Inquiry Journey

  • Sky class has started a new Unit of Inquiry (UOI) in May titled "How the World Works." In this unit, we will focus on the things that particularly interest the children and the questions they have. The children come up with many wonderful questions every day, such as, "Why does fire come out when rockets launch?", "How do sea creatures breathe?", "Why do volcanoes erupt so violently?", and "Why do wolves live in cold places?" These are questions that even adults would need to research to answer properly. The ultimate goal of this unit is not to answer all these questions. Instead, we want the children to learn to embrace their curiosity and thoroughly investigate any questions that arise, rather than simply giving up with a "Oh well, it doesn't matter" attitude.

    First, the Sky class went on an exciting field trip to the science museum, where they witnessed various experiments that left them thrilled! They watched a science show where a flower, once soft, shattered into pieces after being dipped in liquid nitrogen. They also experienced the strange sensation of their hair standing on end when they touched a static electricity ball. The museum was filled with countless "Why?" and "How?" moments for the children to explore and experience.

    After returning from the field trip, the children looked up at the Wonder Wall (a space in the classroom where they post their questions) and discussed, "Some questions are similar, but there are many that are completely different," and "There are so many things we don't know." The Sky class realized that there are countless things they don't know about the world. During their Japanese lesson, they thought about how to find answers to their questions. They shared as many methods as they could think of, such as "reading encyclopedias or researching on the internet," "going to see the place in person," "asking someone who knows," and "conducting experiments."

    The learning in this unit has just begun. How will the Sky class approach their own questions, and what answers will they discover?

    Ms. Maya

Mountain A
(4 year olds)

A New Challenger Approaches!

A vast amount of learning experiences have been experienced, enjoyed, and looked back on fondly by the children. They used paint, crayons, arts and crafts, their entire bodies, the toys they play with every day, and loads more to explore the lines of inquiry throughout this unit.

We learned about who we are, our families, and our likes and dislikes! We displayed our work throughout the classroom and turned a new classroom, into OUR classroom. The students have become more relaxed in their new surroundings and are opening up about the kinds of things they want to learn about. We plan on taking advantage of their confidence by engaging with them on a deeper level.

Mr. Lam

Who We Are

As we look forward to the next exciting unit we must say goodbye to the current one! Fret not though, as the children will revisit the Who We Are UOI later in the academic year. I wonder what opinions and thoughts they will have then on how much they have grown?

The next couple of months are set to really heat up! The children will keep themselves very busy in the classroom, and we have plenty of academic excursions and field trips planned. Who's looking forward to the field trips?

Mr. Lam

We play a lot in the park!

Every day, we play in various parks. The weather in May was great, so we were able to play a lot. When it's time to go and we say, "It's time to go home," we often hear the kids say, "Oh no!"

The children enjoy playing in different ways even in the same park. On the other hand, we also see them improving by repeating the same activities each time. Some children immediately mimic what their friends are doing, while others observe quietly for a while and suddenly start trying it themselves. Some children readily ask the teacher for help, while others eagerly wait for the teacher to come to them.

When they run around, they sometimes fall. If they don't watch where they're going, they might bump into things. While last year, the children were focused solely on running straight, they have now learned to be careful and avoid obstacles while running.

Climbing the stairs reveals a different world, and coming back down brings them back to the ground. Sliding down gives them a sense of exhilaration, rolling around lets them interact with friends, and diving or hiding offers the thrilling suspense of wondering if they'll be found. Day by day, their range of play expands, deepening their relationships with friends and teachers.

There is so much to gain from play. While there are many times when the children struggle to share, their faces light up with smiles when they manage to say "I'm sorry" to a friend, forgive with an "It's okay," invite someone with "Let's play together," or say "You go first." These moments of kindness and cooperation make their faces shine with joy!

At CGK, there is ample time for the children to play energetically in the mornings, which significantly contributes to their growth. When we go outside, there are many rules to follow to ensure safety, such as understanding traffic signals and learning how to walk properly. While learning about these everyday safety measures, we will continue to value outdoor playtime, visit various parks, and enhance the children's creativity and communication skills. At the same time, we will stimulate their physical abilities and, most importantly, ensure they have fun!

Ms. Taeko

Mountain B
(4 year olds)

Who We Are

This month we wrapped up our first UOI, Who We Are. We learned a lot about our likes and dislikes, our physical characteristics, our families and what makes us unique. Throughout the unit, the children continued to extend their understanding of the people around them and being empathetic about our differences. As a class we strengthened our bond and learned some important social skills about how to work in a group to achieve our goals. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is just as important as literacy and numeracy in our class. SEL skills like self awareness, empathy, and self regulation help children build healthy relationships and confidence which are essential to long term success in school.

We are looking forward to what learning adventure our next UOI brings.

Ms Renae

Park Day!

  • Thank you to everyone who joined us in Honmoku Sancho Park for this year's Park Day event. It was so lovely to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones! In class the next day we did a reflection with the children and whilst there were a couple of things our Mountain friends didn't like so much (those pesky mosquitos!!) we had lots of things we did like including the picnics with our families, the yummy lunches we brought along, and playing the parachute game with mummies and daddies. To finish, we had a think about what we'd like to see or do more of next year so that it can be even better!

    As ever, thank you all for your support and cooperation; we love having the opportunity to share these experiences with you and we hope to see you again very soon!

    Ms Nina

Music is interesting!

It’s already been almost two months since the children moved up to the Mountain class.

The children in Mountain B class are gradually getting used to the routines of Japanese time. I’d like to touch on some of the activities we’ve been doing since advancing to the Mountain class.

One change from the Jungle class is our weekly Music Time.

During Music Time, we explore music through various instruments, not just the melodica. We aim to experience the fun and excitement of music in different ways.

Recently, a game where the children identify sounds using bells (a sound recognition game) has been a big hit! The children have even requested to try it with other instruments besides the bells. They are also becoming interested in rhythm. While explaining rhythm can be difficult, the children learn by moving their bodies and experiencing it firsthand. It’s adorable to see them clapping their hands, swaying their bodies, and naturally moving to the rhythm.

Of course, we continue to use the melodica, but by following the children’s interests and curiosities, they don’t just “play songs.” Instead, they use familiar sounds and rhythms to deepen their knowledge and explore further, building on what they’ve learned in the lessons.

Recently, Mr. Matt, the music teacher from the elementary school, visited us. The children are enjoying music, stimulated by the variety of teachers they interact with.

Ms. Monami

The Tree of Emotions

Thank you to everyone who participated in Park Day. Did you have a good time?
The children were very excited to make gifts for their families in preparation for Park Day. Did you receive the finished fans?

When making the fans, our focus was on "feelings." We had a class discussion about whether to draw something they like or something they think the recipient would like since it’s a gift. The children expressed their thoughts in writing, considered if giving a drawing of something they like would make the recipient happy, or filled their fans with hearts. Many ideas were born from these discussions.

As a conclusion to our current UOI, "Who We Are," we focused on "feelings" and created a "Tree of Emotions." Through group life, the children have gradually become more aware of those around them and have started to consider their friends' feelings. For this project, we read "The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions (カラーモンスター きもちはなにいろ?)" and expressed the wonderful feelings that filled our class using colors on leaf drawings. These leaves were then attached to branches that we collected from Kisha-michi, creating a beautiful display.

When thinking about who they are, their close friends serve as points of comparison. In front of the "Tree of Emotions," the children of Mountain B class are learning to understand and empathize with each other's feelings.

Ms. Monami

(3 year olds)

Who Is in Your Family?

For the first half of this year, we will be looking at two UOI: How We Express Ourselves and Who We Are with the latter being our main focus this month. We have been learning that all families are different. Some families have a mother, a father, and children. Some have one mother and some have two fathers. But no matter who is in your family, if you love each other, then you are family.

We celebrated everyone's diverse families by gathering at the park to play games, sing songs, and have a little dance. It was a great day and we're happy to have spent that time with everyone!

Mr Steven

Honey, I Grew the Jungle Friends!

As part of our Who We Are UOI, we have been looking at the similarities and differences between ourselves and our peers. One of the easiest things to recognise is height. Height plays a big role in our lives: from general growth, the ability to reach new heights, requiring new clothes, and most importantly (maybe,) being able to ride roller coasters!

So we decided to depict the growth of Jungle students in a fun, easy-to-see manner. Flowers! The students' heights were measured, teachers made flower stems equaling these heights, and then the children drew flower heads which teachers cut out exactly as they were drawn. All the flowers are unique with a student's face in the centre of each one. We will also periodically add colourful height to the stems to visualise how much each child has grown! It's going to be exciting to see!

Mr Steven

Can you brush your teeth cleanly and safely?

  • This month, we started a tooth brushing time after lunch. We are teaching the children not only the importance of keeping their teeth clean but also how to brush safely at school. At CGK, we emphasize the importance of not walking around with a toothbrush in their mouth and not touching or talking to friends while brushing. Additionally, we discuss with the children why these behaviors are dangerous, helping them develop the ability to anticipate risks. After brushing, the children proudly show their clean teeth, saying, "Ms. Riko, they’re shiny and clean!"

    Ms. Riko

What can we make with flour dough?

  • The children in the Jungle class love sensory play! They often enjoy playing with water, packing materials, and clay, so we decided to make flour dough during our UOI time. Together, we observed and touched the process of turning flour into dough by adding water and oil. Before the dough was ready, we predicted what it might turn into. The children had many ideas, such as "Maybe it's rice balls?" and "Could it be pancakes?" As the dough became stickier and started to form, the children were thrilled, exclaiming "Wow!" in excitement. They were captivated by how the flour dough stretched, stuck together, and changed shape freely. Afterwards, they used their imagination to create various shapes, making faces of the teachers, food items like bread and cakes, and even decorating their nails with the dough for fun. The children were completely engrossed in the activity, exploring and creating with their flour dough.

    Last month, the Jungle class engaged in many activities centered around the theme of "colors." This time, we made pink and blue flour dough, and one child asked, "What color will it turn if we mix these two doughs?" When we mixed the two colors together...! It changed into a beautiful light purple, and the children's eyes sparkled with excitement.

    By occasionally revisiting topics we've previously explored, we hope to continue learning about various things in the future.

    Ms. Riko

Ocean A
(2 year olds)

Fun with Family and Friends!

Thank you for attending Park Day, our first event this school year! We hope all who came along had a wonderful time.

It was great to share all the smiles and laughter together with everyone.

All Ocean A friends did a great job joining in with the Circle Time songs and the fun games we played. Most of the props used for the games were made by Ocean A friends during their activity times. They all did great at decorating the ball game boxes and the coloured bottles for the relay game.

We also hope you enjoyed the gift that Ocean A made for Family Week. Everyone was very happy and proud to make their photo frames and were so excited to give their gifts to their families.

Ms. Leina

Let's Explore Colours!

  • Colours, colours, colours everywhere! Ocean A have been noticing lots of colours that surround them everyday. We have been exploring the different colours that we see in fun various ways in the classroom and outside. Some friends have already found what their favourite colour is and enjoy using their prefered colour with coloured markers, paints, and coloured water. In our activities we did a lot of sorting, organising, categorizing and comparing to learn about the different colours. It makes teachers so happy and proud when Ocean A friends can say and sing about colours.

    Ms. Leina

Food tastes better when we eat together!

The children in Ocean A class are getting accustomed to their new environment and are now able to recognize the names of their teachers and friends! They are also becoming familiar with their own belongings, such as their cups, water bottles, and lockers.

During lunchtime, the children prepare their water bottles and cutlery sets by themselves and wash their hands and gargle on their own! Initially, some children needed help from the teachers to eat, but now everyone can use their spoon and fork independently. The amount they eat is also gradually increasing. Even those who initially said, "I don't want any more," are now able to finish their meals with encouragement, and some even ask for seconds. Lunchtime in Ocean A is filled with smiles, creating a very calm, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere.

We will continue to cherish our meal times and aim to make lunchtime fun and enjoyable. Moving forward, we plan to practice proper spoon and fork usage.

Ms. Yukiko

The spark can come from anywhere! There are so many discoveries to be made ♪

  • The children in Ocean A class are gradually getting used to school life and are having more opportunities to challenge themselves in various activities. This month, we explored different materials, reviewed color names, and discovered how colors change when mixed. The children also noticed the different textures of materials. In our clay play, they learned that the soft material changes shape when torn or rolled. By comparing this with hard materials, the children could understand and experience the words "soft" and "hard" and their meanings. We also had new discoveries with colored water play. We decided to freeze the colored water to make it hard! When the water was liquid, it would spill if the container was overturned. But once frozen, it wouldn't spill. The children found that because it was hard, they could hold it and draw with it. They also observed that when the colors blended together, they created beautiful new colors. They discovered that ice is cold and even made their noses cold when they touched it! Through these activities, the children are experiencing and absorbing new things daily, leading to further discoveries.

    Ms. Nahoko

Ocean B
(2 year olds)

The Most Important Time... FAMILY TIME!

We had a blast during the first event of this school year, Park Day! Thank you for joining us. It was an amazing time to connect with each other and build relationships like one big family. Ocean B friends enjoyed exploring colors and shapes, and we combined all their discoveries into one complete activity during Park Day. We are really proud of their growth since the beginning of the school year.

We hope you enjoyed their simple yet meaningful gift. They put a lot of time and effort into making it during Family Week. They were excited and expressed so much happiness while working on it.

Let's keep going and enjoy each moment as we learn for the rest of the school year!

Mr. Mhar

Learning About Ourselves and the World Through Play

  • We have had so much fun playing and learning with our friends in Ocean B over the previous month. It is important to nurture the children's natural curiosity about the world and help them develop into active learners. We can do this by giving the children freedom to explore and create during play time and class time. The teachers are on hand to help guide the students, and together through play the students are developing their critical thinking and creative skills.

    Mr. Huw

We love our friends!

  • The children are gradually getting used to life in Ocean B class. They are beginning to take an interest in their classmates, greeting each other with "Good morning, [Name]!" and starting to remember their friends' names. Although there are times when they feel frustrated because they can't express their feelings well, they are learning daily with their teachers about how to interact positively. We will continue to support them in building friendships and ensuring they have fun and enjoyable days together.

    Ms. Chieko

The seeds of independence are growing rapidly!

After Golden Week, the children in Ocean B have been coming to school with even more energy than in April! They are gradually learning the daily routine at CGK and becoming accustomed to class habits. In the morning, they carry their bags to the classroom by themselves and take out their cups and blue pouches to place in the basket. As it gets close to going-home time, they diligently pack their cups and blue pouches back into their bags. Although they sometimes forget or need help from the teachers, they are in the process of learning to recognize their belongings and responsibilities, and we are encouraging their growth patiently. Recently, we have also seen many instances of the children helping each other. This shows that not only is their sense of independence growing, but also their friendships and their sense of compassion for others. We are witnessing significant growth in these areas!

Ms. Chieko

Elementary School

Why Do Kids Grow at Different Speeds?

  • This term, the Grade One A class has been studying the UOI ‘Who We Are’ and the central idea of ‘Our body is a collection of different systems that depend on each other.’

    During one of the UOI lessons, a student asked a question: ‘Why do kids grow at different speeds?’

    This is a very deep question and one we spent a lot of time exploring. In doing so, the grade ones learned about DNA. They learned that DNA is like our recipe - and everyone’s recipe is a little bit different. We learned that all living things have DNA - dogs, cats, elephants - even bananas and strawberries! But it is how the DNA is put together that decides what you look like.

    The students then had fun putting together some simple DNA models which are now proudly displayed in the entrance on level 3 in Kannai campus!

    Mr. Martin

Ukulele Lessons

They sing and make song suggestions, they are improving their skills with Do Re Mi, and they are becoming a great group of ukulele players. One day, we learned the chords Cmaj and Amin. We talked a little about how major is more positive sounding and how minor can be a more sad sounding.

They are showing a great musical abilities. They are able to sing a major chord together! The basics of harmony are difficult to grasp but this is class is able to accomplish so much.

We were able to modulate upwards by half steps. (Bb-major, Bmajor, Cmajor, C#major) (Ti-flat major, Ti-major, Do major, Do-sharp major)

We are switching between C major, F major, A minor to play "Best Day of my Life" by American Authors. Ukulele can be challenging, especially chords with multiple frets. Students were challenged by the F major chord.

Mr. Matt


Upper Grades - ‘What Would A City Look Like If It Was Designed By Kids?’

  • On Tuesdays the Upper Grade class is currently investigating the question ‘What Would A City Look Like If It Was Designed By Kids?’. CGK Afterschool uses a PBL (project-based learning) system that emphasizes student agency. Students shared their initial ideas about how they wanted to explore this topic in a discussion that touched on a wide variety of areas. Through this discussion, students were able to identify key services that are crucial to the development and maintenance of a city ranging from physical infrastructure such as transportation to services such as law and order.

    After recognizing the variety of interconnected complex systems that are required for a city to be successful, students decided that they wanted to create their own original cities in groups. Through these groups, they got to work on bringing their vision to life. Every group took very different approaches to creating their 3D city models. It has been fascinating to observe while also keeping students interested in hearing about other groups' progress during presentation time. Some students are taking a very grounded approach by designing water pipes, power lines, transport systems and other essential infrastructure. On the other hand, some groups have taken a more idealistic approach and designed cities or towns that aim to be model cities of the future that focus on renewable energy and sustainable use of resources.

    Working in groups, students need to delegate and problem solve by themselves. While some members have been working on the 3D city models, others have broken off to create promotional material for their cities that will aim to sell their city at the final presentation. These promotional materials have taken the form of stop motion tourist videos, pamphlets explaining various strong points about their cities, posters, and even original manga that takes place in their cities!

    During learning centers those students who are interested have been participating in a center that is connected to our city project. Using the city building game Sim City 4, various students have been constructing their own virtual cities that are interconnected with each other. There has been a lot of enthusiasm for this learning center and students have been learning high level vocabulary and developing a deeper understanding of the structure and developments of cities. Going further, they have been applying this high level knowledge to their model cities in class.

    Each group is also aware that to be able to successfully share their work in the final presentation they need to think about how they will bring all their work together in a format appropriate for a presentation. To this end, each group has discussed how they want to tackle this challenge and have been pursuing their presentation preparation in their own preferred styles. Some groups have been using iPads to create keynotes that they can share on the BenQ Board that will serve as visual aids and ques for their presentation. Other groups prefer to work on scripts and practice them, some others prefer to bring up things that they have been working on and freely talk about them. In whatever ways each group decides to go about their presentation, we are all looking forward to seeing their vision come to life!

    From July 19th Summer School will start and we are looking forward to welcoming old and new faces alike. Please feel free to check out the Summer School schedule on the CGK website if you are interested!

    Mr. Dan

CGK Extra

Upcoming CGK Study Abroad Information Session

(1)CGK Preschool Exclusive Study Abroad Information Session

June 5th (Wednesday) 16:30 - 18:00

Session Contents:

  • Experiences of preschool students studying abroad in New Zealand
  • Study abroad programs exclusively available to preschool students
  • For details and registration, please refer to the separate information guide that has been sent to you.

(2)CGK Elementary School Study Abroad Information Session

July 7th (Sunday) 15:00 - 17:00
*This study abroad program is targeting Grade 1 and above; Preschool families can also attend the information session

Session Contents:

  • Insights into studying abroad in New Zealand (primarily visiting 7 elementary and middle schools)
  • Guidance on studying abroad in Canada from a representative of a Canadian study abroad agency
  • Details on short-term and long-term (1-year) study abroad options, and deadlines specific to countries and schools
  • For details and registration, please refer to the separate information guide that has been sent to you.

Currently recruiting participants for study abroad programs

  • Machinaka Ryugaku (まちなか留学)

    • Throughout the year (on weekends or during long breaks, either for day trips or overnight stays)
    • You can experience a homestay with a foreign family residing in Japan.
    • Deadline: Approximately one month prior to your desired dates
    • For details/application, please contact Mayu at the Office.

    The summer Melbourne Parent-Child Study Abroad program is now closed.

    CGK offers study abroad programs that are also convenient for preschool students and their parents to participate in.
    Please feel free to contact Mayu at the Office with any feedback or questions.

    Ms. Mayu

Teachers Community

In school education, it is certainly very important to have an excellent staff of teachers and a high-quality curriculum, but it is also very important to improve and develop the staff community within the school. They are daily on the front lines and need to work wisely within the school organization, gaining a sense of fulfilment with the knowledge that each and every one of them is valued.

Educators are also lifelong learners who are in a position to constantly practice input and output. In the world of education, where there are no "right" answers, it is educators who can improve each other through an exchange of opinions, which is why it is important to have a community not just within the school, but also a larger community that connects with educators from outside the school.

CGK International School will continue to focus on improving and developing such a community of educators.

CGK Teacher's Club

CGK has various "Teacher's Clubs" with some financial support by CGK.

  • Book Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Japanese Club

Here are some photos from the Basketball Club held recently!

Mr. Minoru

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