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Study Abroad for 1 Year

Study Abroad Program from the Summer of Grade 7

Studying Abroad at a Young Age is Encouraged

Students are studying abroad at increasingly younger ages. Studying abroad can help to develop from a young age diverse perspectives and values that will be required in the future. Children can also grow in independence. At CGK Preschool, while opportunities have been created for students to interact with people from overseas, there have been no opportunities to actually go abroad. When students broaden their horizons while still young, they learn independence. For this reason, at CGK, students study abroad for one year from the summer of Grade 7 (2nd grade of Middle school), in hopes that students will return with a higher sense of their goals for the next stage of their student life.

Consideration will be given with regard to the need to take time off from school to study abroad. In addition to the one-year long-term study abroad program, CGK supports any further goals of studying abroad.

Countries and Types of Programs

Study abroad programs in New Zealand and the United Kingdom are available. In the future, we may introduce other countries.

Preventing Homesickness

During the study abroad period from the summer of Grade 7, it may be necessary to take measures to prevent homesickness, depending on the child.

  • The choice to study abroad alone or to be accompanied by a parent / guardian
  • Ample support (living with friends from other countries) in the boarding system
  • Introduction of rules to prevent homesickness
    (we will provide a rule book for children regarding the use of communication devices and contacting their families, etc.)
  • A visit by a parent / guardian or a short trip back to Japan during a long vacation in middle school
  • A prior short-term study abroad experience

Study Abroad Costs

While parents are responsible for the cost of studying abroad, during the study abroad period, CGK tuition fee will be waived and only the study abroad support fee will be charged.

Comparison Chart of Study Abroad Programs

Country Duration Compulsory/Optional Age Accompanied by Guardian VISA Accommodation Details
New Zealand 1 Year Compulsory (or 1 year in the UK) *Let us know if you have special circumstances 12 Years Old (From the Summer of Grade 7) Not Required (may be accompanied) Student Visa Homestay or Accompanied by a Guardian Study Abroad at Middle Schools in Different Areas of NZ
New Zealand About 4 weeks (March-April / July-August) Optional 5-10 Years Old Required Not Required (NZeTA required) Hotel, Motel, etc. Short-term Study Abroad at Elementary Schools in Auckland
New Zealand 1 Week Optional 5-10 Years Old Required Not Required (NZeTA required) Motel Parent-child Overseas Inspection Tours (Auckland etc.)
United Kingdom 1 Year Compulsory (or 1 year in New Zealand) *Let us know if you have special circumstances 12 Years Old (From the Summer of Grade 7) N/A Student Visa Boarding Study Abroad at Boarding Middle Schools in Different Parts of the UK / Screening Required
United Kingdom Usually 2 to 6 Weeks Optional From 6 Years Old N/A No Prior Application Required Homestay or Boarding Various Types of Courses Available

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